Large Essentia Generator

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Large Essentia Generator

The Large Essentia Generator (LEG) is a power generator for late game starting EV+. It can generate a vast amount of power and supply hundreds of amps of ZPM or higher. It consumes essentia (provided via Essentia Tubes or an AE2 network with an Essentia Provider) and can be boosted to create even more EU/essentia consumed.

Large Essentia Generator Overview

Multiblock Structure

The structure of this multiblock is a bit tricky as it is in the early phases of development and is constructed as follows:

  1. Base Layer: This layer consists of Magic Casings and Arcane Stone Bricks. It is important to note that all hatches for this multiblock can only replace the four corner Magic Casings in layer one. That means this multi can have at most four hatches: (Maintenance Hatch, Essentia Input Hatch, Dynamo/Laser Output Hatch and Input Hatch)
  2. Layer two consists of a ring of Magic Casings and essentia diffusion cells. They come in four different tiers, EV: novice, IV: Adept, LuV: Master, ZPM: Grand-Master which in turn dictate the tier of the dynamo hatch. They cannot be mixed. It is recommended to craft adept casings at least in order for the setup to be worthwhile.
  3. Layer three: On the top center is the controller block: This is the Good Generators Large Essentia Generator, the vanilla Gregtech one does not currently work and will be removed in the future.
  4. The four pillars as shown with Arcane Stone Bricks and four Amber Bricks.
    LEG Layer 1: The only 4 hatch locations are the outward facing magic casings in this layer.

NOTE: Allowable hatches: Maintenance Hatch or Auto Maintenance Hatch, any Input Hatch (eg. for liquids), any Dynamo Hatch (matching the diffusion cells, max is 64A UV hatch), and the Essentia Input Hatch from Good Generators Mod. Other hatches are not compatible with the LEG.

Start the Reactor

An essentia generator upgrade may be installed before starting up the LEG that will establish the set of essentias and special fluids to work with, for example Essentia Generator: Thermal. This step is not necessary, but lets you increase production by applying essentia EU value multipliers from special fluid that is consumed during operation. Installation of the upgrade is done by right-clicking the controller with the upgrade. Pay attention, as the installed upgrade is not displayed anywhere, the message in chat is only displayed during installation and upgrades cannot be retrieved or removed.

Next attune the Essentia Input Hatch to the aspect to be consumed. This can be done by right clicking the Essentia Input Hatch with a phial filled with the desired essentia. Tip: Check if the attunement has worked by using an Essentia Resonator from Thaumcraft.

Finally supply the essentia, either via Essentia Tubes or with an Essentia Provider from Thaumic Energistics, and a special fluid to the Input Hatch, if necessary.

Essentia Input

Essentia Type EU/Essentia Requires Upgrade? Estimated Output in EU/t
Terra 800 No
Aqua 5000 No
Ordo 1200 No
Lux 1200 No
Tempestas 61200 No ±1.000.000 EU/t
Taint 4000 Yes up to 64*512.000 EU/t

This page has the LEG calculator link to help you find out the fuel values and required resource flow rates. There's also a Sources of Essentia spreadsheet which lists the best known sources that contain any given essentia.

The Endgame setup for the LEG consists of attaching the Tainted upgrade to the LEG. It multiplies the power output x10 as base when consuming Liquid Death and on top of that by a factor of .

The lowest fuel value for this upgrade is Vitium (taint) with 4700EU. Total output of 1 Vitium aspect = = 37,624,129 EU. However tests have shown up to