Lapotronic Supercapacitor

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Why did I make this?

I like GregTech and I like Lapotronic Orbs. They're cool.

Sadly they don't find much use in GTNH since they're completely outclassed by the GT++ Power-Substation. That's why I made a structure that is similar in function to the Power-Substation but is completely based on and balanced around Lapotronic Orbs.


  • Available at IV
  • Variable height from four blocks to 18 blocks
  • Stores EU depending on the Capacitor Blocks used in the structure
  • Capacity ranges from 900 million EU to around 1 sextillion EU (that's 22 digits, or 135x Java's Long.MAX_VALUE)
  • Passive loss ranges from ~5EU/t to ~80kEU/t


This structure can be assembled in vertical or horizontal direction. Dimensions have the format Width x Depth or Width x Height x Depth

Static blocks

  • 5x2x5 foundation built with Lapotronic Supercapacitor Casings
  • 3x(1-15)x3 pillar built with Capacitor Blocks - Tiers can be freely combined
  • 5x(2-16)x5 Borosilicate Glass shell - Has to be homogenous and have a tier equal to or higher than the tier of the highest tier capactior minus two

Controller, Hatches, etc

  • The Controller is placed in the center of one of the sides of the lower foundation layer
  • Energy I/O and Maintenance hatches can be placed anywhere in the foundation

Passive Loss calculation

The structure looses power equal to 1% of it's total capacity per 24h of real time. The loss is applied each tick. Even though this might not sound like much, it can amount to quite a lot of power lost per tick.

There is a limit on how much loss each capacitor contributes. This is to avoid loss rates that are impossibly high to deal with. Capacitors up to UV-tier are counted as they are, however the Ultimate Capacitor only contributes an UV-tier capacitor's worth of loss.

Finally the passive loss rate is increased by 20% for each maintenance issue. This mean 1.2% with one issue, up to 2% with five issues. The structure will turn off at six issues

TecTech Laser Hatches

Laser Hatches are an energy transmission solution that allow transmitting power with extremely high amperage in a straight line. Support for Laser Hatches is only enabled when UV-tier Borosilicate Glass is used.

Tutorial: How to build (by PoroCoco)

Step 1

First you need to build a 5x2x5 base of Lapotronic Super Capacitor Casing with the Lapotronic Supercapacitor in the bottom center. In this base you need to also add

  • 1 maintenance hatch,
  • 1 energy hatch for power input and
  • 1 dynamo hatch for power output.

You can choose the x1,x4,x16,x64 amps energy/dynamo hatch.

Step 2

Then you need to make a pillar of 3x(1 up to 15)x3 of Lapotronic Capacitor IV/LUV/ZPM/UV.

Step 3

Lastly you need to incase this pillar with borosilicate glass. Borosilicate glass range from HV tier (Borosilicate glass block) up to UV tier (Osmium Reinforced Borosilicate glass block). The tier of glass that you need to use correspond to the highest tier of Lapotronic Capacitor inside the pillar, minus 2 tier. Meaning that if your pillar is made of IV Lapotronic Capacitor, you need to use the HV tier of glass so Borosilicate glass block. But if you have at least 1 LUV Lapotronic Capacitor you need to upgrade all the glass blocks to EV tier so Nickel Reinforced Borosilicate glass block.

Once this is done you only have to use the soft mallet on the Lapotronic Supercapacitor and the structure will work.