DungeonChest Loot Table

From GT New Horizons

Dungeonchest.xml is a file that controls Loot distribution. In vanilla, it's responsible for seeding the mossy cobblestone square dungeons with single spawners. In GT:NH, this table is managed by TooMuchLoot and has a greatly expanded pool of items to draw from. In addition to the basic vanilla dungeon, dungeonChest populates Webbed Greatwoods and Hilltop Stones hazard chests. Separate tables are used for Lootgames, Mineshafts and Strongholds.



Saddle, Iron Ingot (1-4), Bread, Wheat (1-4), Gunpowder (1-4), String (1-4), Bucket, Golden Apple, Redstone (1-4), Music Disc (13), Music Disc (cat), Name Tag, Gold Horse Armor, Iron Horse Armor, Diamond Horse Armor, Enchanted Book (variable), Music Disc (blocks), Music Disc (chirp), Music Disc (far), Music Disc (mall), Music Disc (mellohi), Music Disc (stal), Music Disc (strad), Music Disc (ward), Music Disc (wait), Music Disc (11), Chain Helmet, Chain Chestplate, Chain Leggings, Chain Boots, Diamond Helmet, Diamond Chestplate, Diamond Leggings, Diamond Boots, Iron Door, Blaze Rod (1-3), Steel Sword, Steel Helmet, Steel Chestplate, Steel Leggings, Steel Boots, Amazing Technicolor Glasses, Standard Binding Agent (1-3), Mundane Power Catalyst, Mundane Lengthening Catalyst, Average Power Catalyst, Average Lengthening Catalyst, Greater Power Catalyst, Greater Lengthening Catalyst, Temple Caller, Knowledge Note (10pts), Knowledge Note (20pts), Knowledge Note (30pts), Knowledge Note (40pts), Miniature Red Heart, Floppy Disk, Broken Relic of Mjolnir, The One Ring, Disposable Item Turret (1-2), Turret Base (Tier 1), Basic Turret Base Crank, Common Treasure, Uncommon Treasure, Rare Treasure, Thaumium Ingot (1-3), Amber (1-3), Mundane Amulet, Mundane Ring, Mundane Belt, Knowledge Fragment (1-2), Thauminomicon, Thaumium Sword, Thaumium Pickaxe, Thaumium Axe, Thaumium Hoe, Ring of Protection, Apprentice Ring of Aer, Apprentice Ring of Terra, Apprentice Ring of Ignis, Apprentice Ring of Aqua, Apprentice Ring of Ordo, Apprentice Ring of Perditio, Vis Stone, Shimmerleaf (1-3), Cinderpearl (1-3), Lesser Ring of Ender Disjunction, Phial of Enchanter's Concentrate, Steadfast Drone, Division Sigil (inactive), Ultimate Stew (1-2), Cosmic Meatballs (1-2), Spagetti and Meatballs (1-4), Deluxe Cheeseburger (1-4), Delighted Meal (1-4), Hearty Breakfast (1-4), Curry Rice (1-4), Rainbow Curry (1-4), Supreme Pizza (1-4), Sausage in Bread (1-4), Beef Wellington (1-4), Epic Bacon (1-4), Dezil's Marshmallow (1-2), Holy Water (4-8), Purple Drink (8-16), Silver Ingot (1-6), Lead Ingot (1-6), Steel Ingot (1-6), Bronze Ingot (1-6), Manganese Ingot (1-6), Damascus Steel Ingot (1-6), Emerald (1-6), Ruby (1-6), Sapphire (1-6), Green Sapphire (1-6), Olivine (1-6), Red Garnet (1-6), Yellow Garnet (1-6), Chrome Dust (1-3), Copper Ingot (2-6), Tin Ingot (8-16), Magnesium Ingot (1-4), Aluminium, Nickel Ingot (2-6), Cobalt Ingot (2-4), Zinc Ingot (4-8), Molybdenum Ingot (2-4), Antimony Ingot (1-2), Invar Ingot (2-4), Electrum Ingot, Wrought Iron Ingot (3-8), Stainless Steel Ingot, Pig Iron Ingot (2-3), Red Alloy Ingot (2-3), Cupronickel Ingot, Cobalt Brass Ingot (1-2), Magnetic Iron Ingot (2-4), Electrical Steel Ingot (1-3), Ardite Ingot (1-2)