Debug Power Generator

From GT New Horizons
Silvery grey block with a darker grey dashed pattern. One side says Free EU/t, the others have large blue dots.
Light grey GUI, with Debug Power Generator across the top, and two columns of + and - buttons on each side. The middle is a black panel with text listing EU per tick, tier, amperage, and total sum of power output.

The Debug Generator is a single block, configurable generator meant for creative testing and troubleshooting added by GregTech. It generates infinite EU from nothing, at any desired voltage and amperage. It outputs power from any side except for the front, which is marked with "Free! EU/t!". Like any other generator, it can output more voltage / amperage than the attached cable or machine can handle, potentially causing fires and/or explosions. Use caution while adjusting the settings, as this generator constantly outputs any defined power immediately, and has average durability. (Hardness 1, Blast Resistance 6)


A summary of the power output and current tier is given in the middle panel. Power will be split between all in-use blue dot sides, it is not per side. The GUI has four rows of buttons; the top two rows adjust voltage, the bottom two adjust amperage. Rows one and three increment / decrement amps/volts by one for the thinner +/- buttons, and 64 for the bolded +/- buttons. Rows two and four are multiplicative / divisive. The thin +/- buttons multiply or divide the current values by two, while the bolded +/- do so by a factor of 64. Holding down the Shift key while clicking will add/subtract 16 instead of 1, or multiply/divide by 512 instead of 64. Click on the Voltage or Amperage text boxes to manually input numbers instead.

By default it outputs zero EU/t and zero amps, doing absolutely nothing. Do not forget to adjust the amperage to a value >0 or it won't provide any power. Values can be made negative, turning the Debug Power Generator into a configurable power consumer, for testing power network loads.

A soft mallet will turn the Debug Power Generator on and off. Right-clicking with a screwdriver will switch it to laser mode. In this configuration it can supply power to any Laser Target Hatches in direct line of sight to an output side. No Laser Vacuum Pipes or color coding required.