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The Dolly is an item in Gregtech: New Horizons that is added by the JABBA mod. It is used to easily transport item containers from one place to another in the early-game, as once the player acquires it, they will no longer have to break chests and barrels, causing all of their contents to be dropped on the ground. It is required to complete the quest Moving Your Tanks, Chests and Barrels.

The dolly is first craftable in the steam age after the player has set up a bricked blast furnace and can create steel ingots. It also requires a small amount of rubber, so the player will most likely have to travel to The Nether to obtain some sulfur dust for it’s creation.

When the player is holding the dolly in their hand, they can simply right click the container they wish to move, and it will be loaded onto the dolly. However, when the player is using the dolly, they will receive the Slowness and Mining Fatigue status effects until they put the container back down. The dolly has two states, folded and unfolded. When it is unfolded, it can be used for its main purpose of moving containers. When folded, it can be placed in a backpack and can be stacked in inventories.

Crafting Recipe

Crafting recipe for the dolly
Crafting recipe for the dolly.

In order to craft the dolly, the player needs the following materials:

  • 3x Iron Rod – ­Can be regular, wrought or pig iron rods
  • 2x Rubber Round – Can be regular, silicone or styrene-butadiene rubber rounds
  • 1x Steel Plate
  • 2x Iron Minecart Wheels
  • 1x Wrench