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Elevator is a vertical, short range teleportation block from the OpenBlocks mod. While standing on an elevator block, the player will be moved upwards if they jump or downwards if they crouch to another elevator of the same color within twenty blocks at the same X-Z coordinates. Elevators can teleport through a limited number of non-air blocks, up to four in GTNH. They can be dyed into any of the sixteen standard minecraft colours, and dyes can be used directly on elevator blocks in-world to change their color. Rotating Elevators will place players at a specific orientation after teleporting.


The most common cause for elevator failure is placing the blocks too far apart or not at the same X/Z coordinates. Two elevators of different colours will also not connect to each other. Excessive amounts of Jump Boost is also known to sometimes prevent Elevators from working properly as the player gets out of range before the teleportation can initiate.

The config file is found in /your_instance/config/OpenBlocks.cfg. Teleportation distance, range of solid blocks ignored, and an EXP cost can be assigned. Specific blocks can also be assigned to block, be ignored or counted against the solid limit of elevators.


  • Elevators can allow access to a Cleanroom without losing any efficiency.
  • A tower of Elevators and a Glider makes a convenient fast travel point.

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