Fluid P2P tunnels

From GT New Horizons

This page illustrates how to use fluid P2P tunnels to distribute a fluid (e.g. Oxygen) to several destinations at high speed.

Step 1

Suppose we have a quantum tank with Oxygen. Place a pump (the cover) on it of whatever tier you have access to. Now place any AE cable from it to the destination tank/hatch. Get 2 P2P tunnels and place one tunnel against the pump and another against the destination tank (see step 2). Click the tunnels with a bucket to convert them to fluid P2P tunnels. You also need to power the network. For illustration purposes I used a neutronium energy cell. You'll probably link your mini fluid AE subnetwork to your main network via quartz fiber for power.

To link the source tunnel to the destination you need a memory card. It works the same way as with normal P2P tunnel. Shift right click the source P2P tunnel with a memory card. It will say "Successfully saved settings". Now right click the destination tunnel with the card. It should say "Successfully loaded settings". To help with remembering what tunnel is linked you can rename it with a quartz cutting knife. The name will appear in the tooltip of the linked destination tunnels. You can setup multiple destinations for each source tunnel using the same memory card. (If you rename the source tunnel before saving its settings to the memory card, it will also remember the name.) Fluid going into the source tunnel will be equally distributed between destinations.

Step 2
Step 3