Github policies

From GT New Horizons

The purpose of this page is to explain you how the GTNH organization works on github. We hope it will clarify what we do.

The Organization use one common shared issue tracker for all the repositories

We do have one shared issue tracker that centralize all of our issues availiable here. That way we don't have to check multiple issues trackers (exception is made for our NEI fork, as it's meant to be a standalone mod, dissociated from the pack)

The inactive issues will be stalled, then closed

When an issue is inactive for 90 days, it gets a "Status : Stale" label. Then if no activity is seen for the next 3 days, the issue gets closed. We do that because given the popularity of the pack, we have hundreds of tickets to process. We are all doing voluntering work on our free time, and it can demotivate us if we have to face 1k issues. So that decision was made to reduce the amount of open tickets. Keep in mind that "open" and "closed" are only states of an issue, so if there is any interest from other players or dev, we can reopen it at any time, and users can comment on closed issues.

An issue with the label "Status : FixedInDev" will be closed

When an issue is tagged as fixed in dev, we usually put a milestone of the target release and then close the issue. That makes us able to see what issues have been fixed for the changelog.

A pull request must be reviewed by someone else before merging it.

That is made so we reduce the chances of shipping a bug in the PR. It also ensure that at least 2 persons are aware of what has been changed (no more sneaky changes). Usually, Dream is the one merging the PRs so he can keep an overview of the pack.

Want to make a ticket but you do have troubles with English?

Write your text in your native language, and below your text, put a translated into english version of your text (google translate, DeepL,...). This is made so people not able to speak your language can read a translated version and get the gist of what you want to say. Sometimes people are on mobile and it becomes tedious to copy paste the foreign text into a translator. The Team has members speaking in english, russian, german, french and chinese. So if you speak one of those, someone may be able to respond to you in your native language directly.

Please make efforts by searching the issues before opening a new one.

If one already exists, then prefer posting your comments on it instead, even if it's a closed one. We will open it again if needed. If you post a new issue after searching because you found no issue corresponding to it, but your issue ends up being tagged as "Type : Duplicate" then closed, don't take it personally! Sometimes duplicated issues help us to understand what happens because they can be explained differently, so we get multiple view angles to see the problem.

Please stay civilized on Github

If you get frustrated because of the discussion or some commits you strongly disagree with, no need to be mean or to insult the others. In the GT:NH team, we value constructive discussions over violence. If you don't stay civilized, it automatically drives people away from you, as no one wants to deals with such behavior. The team reserves the right to lock any issue if it gets out of hand, or to ban any member from interacting with the GT:NH organization for very uncivilized behaviors.