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Magenta HP bar with cyan text saying "Rare swift Enderman of WTF Imbalance". Text in white below says "Regen Exhaust Ghastly Berserk Sprint"
Prefix Effects HP Buff
Rare[1] 2-4 x2 - x4
Ultra 7 x7
Infernal 10-11 x10 - x11

Infernal Mobs are added by the mod of the same name, and serve as more difficult combat encounters with variable traits and increased hit points. They are identifiable by a blue, red and purple potion effect as well as a custom HP bar and title when looked at. The first prefix determines how many modifiers and HP buffs a mob receives. Certain mobs will always spawn Infernal; Blazes, Brainy Zombies, Brutish Zombie Pigman, Cultist Clerics, Eldritch Guardians, Ghasts, Magma Cubes, Death Tomes, Skeleton Druids, Thaumic Slimes, Wisps and Witches. This increases the danger of Hazards that use their spawners. Individual mobs and modifiers can be disabled/enabled via the config, found at /your_instance/config/InfernalMobs.cfg.


Infernal mobs drop additional treasure and 4x Experience. They also have custom loot tables. Rares drop potions, iron/gold/chainmail armor and iron tools, pistons, dispensers, droppers, iron/gold ingots, magma cream, glistering melon and bows. Ultras can drop potions, ender pearls, diamonds, blaze powder, ghast tears, glistering melon, golden tools, chainmail armor, glowstone, iron doors, magma cream, fire charges, enchanted books, bows, and golden apples. Infernals drop potions, blaze powder, ghast tears, diamonds, ender pearls, diamond armor & tools, blocks of gold/diamond/emerald and enchanted books.

Modifier[2] Effect
1UP Mobs heals fully, once, upon getting to low HP
Alchemist Throws random potions at the player, may throw a positive potion effect
Berserk Mob deals double damage, but hurts itself upon attacking
Blastoff Tosses players into the air
Bulwark Mob has 50% damage resistance
Choke Causes drowning on land, hit mob to breathe for a moment
Cloaking Invisibility buff on mob
Darkness Blindness debuff on player, can set time to night
Ender Teleports dodge attacks, reflects damage back to the player
Exhaust Removes positive effects/buffs on player
Fiery Sets player on fire, immune to fire-damage
Ghastly Shoots Ghast fireballs
Gravity Knocks back or pulls players
Poisonous Poison debuff player
Quicksand Slowness debuff on player
Regen Heals 2 HP every second
Sapper Hunger debuff on player
Sprint High movement speed bursts
Storm Calls down lightning nearby, may set fires
Twin Respawns at full health after dying
Undying Has a chance to respawn with full HP
Vengeance Reflects a portion of all damage done. Reflected damage will apply other on-damage abilities
Weakness Weakness debuff on player
Webber Spawns cobwebs at the player's feet
Wither Wither debuff on player
  1. Referred to as "Elite" in the config
  2. The modifiers Ender, Lifesteal, Ninja, Rust, and Sticky are available from the config but disabled by default.


  • Vanilla mobs can reroll the Infernal check by capturing them in a Soul Vial and releasing again. Once Infernal, the mob's modifiers are fixed.

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