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This is a quick guide to get your Large Bronze/Steel/Titanium/Tungstensteel Boiler online. If you're having trouble getting it to form follow the layer by layer guide below.

Note <MATERIAL> tag below must be the same. You cannot mix and match. For example you would replace the <MATERIAL> tag with the proper material from the "Valid" lists below the shopping lists. Example: Large Bronze Boiler. Then all of your components must be bronze.

Shopping List

  • 1x Large <MATERIAL> Boiler (Controller Block)
  • 4x <MATERIAL> Firebox Casing
  • 1x Maintenance Hatch
  • 1x Input Bus
  • 1x Input Hatch
  • 1x Muffler
  • 3x <MATERIAL> Pipe Casing
  • 32x <MATERIAL> Machine Casing

Valid Controller

  • Large Bronze Boiler
  • Large Steel Boiler
  • Large Titanium Boiler
  • Large Tungstensteel Boiler

Valid Firebox Casing

  • Bronze Firebox Casing
  • Steel Firebox Casing
  • Titanium Firebox Casing
  • Tungstensteel Firebox Casing

Valid Pipe Casing

  • Bronze Pipe Casing
  • Steel Pipe Casing
  • Titanium Pipe Casing
  • Tungstensteel Pipe Casing

Valid Casings

  • Bronze Plated Bricks Casing
  • Solid Steel Machine Casing
  • Stable Titanium Machine Casing
  • Robust Tungstensteel Machine Casing

Layer by Layer Build Guide

Note: I've been shown that the output hatch (where the steam comes out) can be placed almost anywhere, however, note this guide is meant to get you a verified working boiler. Feel free to experiment from here.

Layer 1
Layer 2
Layer 3
Layer 4
Layer 5