Lootgames (Legacy)

From GT New Horizons

These are the legacy loot pools for Lootgames in all versions of GT:NH prior to 2.3.0.



Large Copper Fluid Pipe, Huge Copper Fluid Pipe, Bronze Plated Bricks, Bronze Plate, Huge Bronze Fluid Pipe, Bronze Fluid Pipe, Bricked Bronze Hull, Bricked Wrought Iron Hull, Iron Furnace, Piston, Treetap, Bronze Hull, Tin Rotor, 1x Tin Wire, 1x Tin Cable, 1x Copper Wire, 1x Annealed Copper Cable, Block of Bronze, Block of Copper, Quintuple Tin Plate, Quintuple Bronze Plate, Bronze Gear, Copper Plasma Cell, Red Alloy Ingot, Red Alloy Plate, Vacuum Tube, Flint and Steel, Minecart, Hopper Minecart, Furnace Minecart, Chest Minecart, Hopper, Track, Ladder, Bed, Trapdoor, Iron Bars, Activator Track, Wooden Door, Blaze Rod, Cauldron, Comparator, Repeater, Dolly, Better Barrel, Low Pressure Boiler Tank, High Pressure Boiler Tank, Solid Fueled Boiler Firebox, Liquid Fueled Boiler Firebox, Tank, Copper Casing, Tin Casing, Bronze Casing, Gold Casing, Iron Casing, Steel Casing, Lead Casing, Iron Plate, Copper Plate, Silver Plate, Tin Plate, Wrought Iron Plate



Electric Motor (LV), Electric Pump (LV), Conveyor Module (LV), Electric Piston (LV), Robot Arm (LV), Emitter (LV), Sensor (LV), 1x Tin Cable, 1x Copper Cable, Electronic Circuit, Reinforced Door, Advanced Alloy, Vacuum Tube, Large Copper Fluid Pipe, Small Steel Fluid Pipe, Steel Fluid Pipe, Large Steel Fluid Pipe, Huge Steel Fluid Pipe, LV Machine Hull, Coated Circuit Board, Solar Panel, Small Lithium Battery, Small Cadmium Battery, Mold (Plate), Mold (Casing), Mold (Gear), Mold (Ingot), Mold (Ball), Mold (Block), Mold (Small Gear), Large Steel Fluid Cell, x2 Copper Cable, Aluminum Plate, Brass Plate, Steel Plate, Cobalt Brass Plate, Diamond Sawblade, Good Electronic Circuit, Resistor, Diamond Lens, Ruby Lens, Enderpearl Lens, Endereye Lens, Raw Silicon Plate, Rubber Sheet, Rubber Bar, Shutter Module Cover, Steel Plate, H.S. Track, Reinforced Track, H.S. Booster Track, H.S Transition Track, Elevator Track, Personal Anchor, Iron Tank Wall, Iron Tank Gauge, Iron Tank Valve, Steel Tank Wall, Steel Tank Gauge, Steel Tank Valve, Tank Cart, Ghast Tear, Brewing Stand, Nether Star, Iron Door, TNT, Clock, Compass, Eye of Ender, Magma Cream, Aluminum Bars, Steel Bars, Iron Tank, Fluid Tank, Farm Block, Farm Gearbox, Farm Hatch, Farm Valve, Farm Control, Carpenter



MV Machine Hull, Transistor, Diode, Epoxy Circuit Board, Good Electronic Circuit, Item Filter, Drain Module Cover, Solar Panel (8V), Lock Upgrade, Muffler Upgrade, Energy Detecter Cover, Item Detecter Cover, Player Detecter Cover, Computer Monitor Cover, Portable Scanner, Sensor (MV), Emitter (MV), Electric Pump (MV), Conveyor Module (MV), Electric Motor (MV), Medium Lithium Battery, Medium Cadmium Battery, Large Aluminum Fluid Cell, Extruder Shape (Plate), Extruder Shape (Rod), Extruder Shape (Ring), Extruder Shape (Ingot), Extruder Shape (Wire), Extruder Shape (Casing), Extruder Shape (Tiny Pipe), Extruder Shape (Small Pipe), Extruder Shape (Normal Pipe), Extruder Shape (Large Pipe), Extruder Shape (Huge Pipe), Extruder Shape (Block), Stainless Steel Plate, Small Stainless Steel Fluid Pipe, Stainless Steel Fluid Pipe, Large Stainless Steel Fluid Pipe, Super Tank I, Soularium Plate, Dark Steel Plate, Electrical Steel Plate, Quintuple Iron Plate, Pulsating Iron Plate, Red Alloy Plate, Fence (Tier 1), Fence (Tier 2), Hard Wall (Tier 1), Hard Wall (Tier 2), Fluid Conduit, Fluid Tank, Pressurized Fluid Tank, Machine Chasis, Redstone Conduit, Item Transport pipe, Null-Logic Routing Chip, Carbon Plate, Mining Pipe, Carbon Fiber Canoe, Energy Crystal, Enchanting Table, Beacon, Coal Jetpack, Copter Pack, Stainless Steel Bars, Diamond Tank, Basic Circuit Board, Enhanced Circuit Board, Refined Circuit Board, Intricate Circuit Board



Multilayer Fiber-Reinforced Circuit Board, Capacitor, Diamond Grinding Head, Solar Panel (LV), Engraved Crystal Chip, Engraved Lapotron Chip, Emitter (HV), Sensor (HV), Robot Arm (HV), Electric Piston (HV), Conveyor Module (HV), Electric Pump (HV), Electric Motor (HV), Large Cadmium Battery, Large Lithium Battery, Large Stainless Steel Fluid Cell, Advanced Circuit, Energy Crystal, Lapotron Crystal, Cropnalyzer, OD Scanner, OV Scanner, Nano Crystal, Exquisite Diamond, Exquisite Ruby, Exquisite Emerald, HV Machine Hull, Super Tank II, Huge Stainless Steel Fluid Pipe, 4x Gold Cable, 8x Gold Wire, Cupronickel Coil Block, Heat Proof Machine Casing, Solid Steel Machine Casing, Clean Stainless Steel Machine Casing