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Maintenance messages.

Almost all multiblocks work with the maintenance system of Gregtech. A multiblock may generate random maintenance issues, which need to be fixed. If they are not fixed the multiblock will consume more power, or in the case of a generator, generate less power. If too many maintenance issues occur, the machine won't work any longer.

The machine's controller will display messages if maintenance is required, along with **HAS PROBLEMS** in red when the Waila tooltip is checked. Five of the six maintenance tasks are done with basic tools, while the 6th requires a Soldering Iron. Alternatively, Duct Tape can be used to fix all of them at once. Maintenance is rarely needed on multiblocks unless they run constantly, and even then it's usually many hours between issues.


Message Tool to Fix
Pipe is loose. Wrench
Screws are loose. Screwdriver
Something is stuck. Soft Mallet
Platings are dented. Hammer
Circuitry burned out. Soldering Iron
That doesn't belong there. Crowbar

The "Circuitry burned out" message is the hardest to deal with. It requires a charged Soldering Iron with at least 10k EU and soldering material; Tin, Lead, or Soldering Alloy Fine Wire, Ingot or Rod. Fine Tin Wire is recommended, as it's easy to produce and commonly available. The rest are easy, and only require a small amount of durability from an appropriate GT tool. Alternatively, duct tape can be used on the Maintenance Hatch to fix all 6 problems at once. The "Better than Duct Tape" quest has a list of all the maintenance problems and what tools fix them.

Maintenance Hatch

Unlike most other Multiblock parts, Maintenance Hatches do not have a version for each tier, though there are several upgrades listed below. Each wallsharing multiblock should have its own Maintenance Hatch. Either use BrainTech Aerospace Advanced Reinforced Duct Tape to fix all issues, or GT Tools to fix them one by one by clicking with the tool in the Maintenance Hatch GUI. Another option is right-clicking on the hatch with a Tool Box (IC2) containing the needed tools to fix all issues, which will fix them all at once. Thaumaturges may use a wand with Maintenance Focus, which also fixes all maintenance problems with one cast. No repairing method prevents future issues from occurring.

Auto Maintenance Hatch

The Auto Maintenance Hatch is the higher tier version of the Maintenance Hatch and gated to LuV. It needs to be supplied with 4 Duct tape, 2 Lubricant Cells, 4 Steel Screws and 2 HV-Circuits. But will fix any occurring maintenance issue instantly.

Auto-Taping Maintenance Hatch

The Auto-Taping Maintenance Hatch is the highest tier Maintenance Hatch. It is gated to UV-tier and rather costly. However once build you no longer need to worry about any maintenance occurring, without any running cost! When wallsharing multiblocks the Auto-Taping Maintenance Hatch may even be shared between them without an issue.

BrainTech Aerospace Advanced Reinforced Duct Tape

This single use item can be crafted starting at MV, and solves all current maintenance issues of a multiblock machine at once and visually changes the hatch's appearance. It does not stop future maintenance issues, which will require more tape or tools.