Mine and Blade Battlegear 2

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Icon of two crossed iron swords with a quartered shield on top. The shield has alternating dark grey and teal quarters with a gold trim.

Mine & Blade: Battlegear 2 is a mod that adds additional combat oriented hotbar slots, new weapon types and shields. Its keybinds are under ESC > Options > Controls > Battlegear and default to R for Draw Weapons, and Z for Special actions. To equip items to Battlegear slots, open the inventory and activate the third tab with crossed swords and a shield. Most weapons can be placed in these slots, and shields must go in the right column. Quivers should be placed in the same row as a bow. While Draw Weapons is active, three extra slots show on the left and right of the main hotbar. The mouse wheel scrolls between weapon sets.

The Quiver can be filled by crafting it in a crafting grid with up to four stacks of arrows to be added. Dualwield a quiver with a bow to have up to four types of arrows available at once, selectable with the (default Z) key. While holding the Quiver, Shift + right-click while looking at the ground to empty its arrows.

While Tinker's weapons can be used with MBB2, ammunition won't be picked up/returned if it's placed in a combat hotbar slot.