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This is the documentation page for Module:Color contrast

This module is used primarily by

{{Color contrast ratio}}
{{ColorToLum}} / {{RGBColorToLum}}
{{Color contrast conformance}}
{{Ensure AAA contrast ratio}}
{{Ensure AA contrast ratio}}
{{Greater color contrast ratio}}

It is also used for tracking within

Module:Episode list

and for documentation in

Module:College color


To use this module, you may use one of the above listed templates or invoke the module directly

To compute relative luminescence

{{ColorToLum|color}} or {{#invoke:Color contrast|lum|color}}

To compute a contrast ratio between two colors

{{Color contrast ratio|color1|color2|error=?}} or {{#invoke:Color contrast|ratio|color1|color2|error=?}}

To determine which of two colors (color2a and color2b) has the greater contrast ratio with a particular color (color1)

{{Greater color contrast ratio|color1|color2a|color2b}} or {{#invoke:Color contrast|greatercontrast|color1|color2a|color2b}}

To compute the contrast ratio between the background and text colors specified in a css style string

{{#invoke:Color contrast|styleratio|css style statement string|default background color|default text color}}