Nightly Builds

From GT New Horizons
Caution! Caution: Nightly builds are experimental builds built daily from the most up-to-date mod versions to help test the modpack in development. They are not guaranteed to be stable, not corrupt your worlds, or even load at all! If you're not a beta tester you should probably download the stable version of the modpack.

Downloading nightly builds

To download and set up nightly builds, follow these instructions:

  1. Log into GitHub with your account
  2. Find the most recent successful build in the DreamAssemblerXXL Actions tab
  3. Open that build, at the bottom of the page you'll see a list of Artifacts
  4. Pick the one you want, for example modern Java server or MultiMC client zip - and download it.
  5. Due to github actions limitations, the archive is double-zipped. Extract the real zip from within the zip you just downloaded.
  6. Use the extracted zip as described in Installing and Migrating

Nightly artifacts get removed after 90 days by GitHub, so if you don't see any zips attached that's why.

Updating nightly builds

Jenkins Downloader allows for updating mods instead of downloading a new pack every time.