Rocketdyne F-1A Engine

From GT New Horizons


The Rocketdyne Engine can be provided with fuel that is created from the ExxonMobil Chemical Plant. This Engine will consume all the fuel that is input into the multiblock with terrible efficiency while the Engine starts up which can take around 30 seconds. Careful input of fluid into the hatches with the use of a fluid regulator will allow large efficiency gains from the fuel compared to the single block Rocket Engines. The Engine can be boosted to provide three times the efficiency and should be boosted at all times to ensure the maximum output from the rocket fuel provided.

The Engine can handle Tec Tec energy dynamos to output 4 amps, 16 amps and 64 amps of power for the tier of dynamo.

Warning!! The energy hatch will explode if too much power is being output. Make sure to place an energy dynamos to handle the total voltage from the Engine or have backups ready.


This is a long multiblock which is 3 x 10 x 3 in size with energy dynamo on the front or back of the multiblock.

The Engine can take input hatches on the left, right and bottom of the multiblock to input the fluids required. The Engine also requires Air intake hatches to function which can be placed on the blocks touching the Inconel casings and the hatches need a blank block to gather air. If the engine runs out of air then it will shut down and will require a manual restart.


The Engine requires a few fluid inputs to function and also optimal fluids to boost it's output of power.

Fluid requirements are as follows:

1000 L of Carbon Dioxide per hour unboosted / 3000 L if boosted

2000 L/S of Air per every 16,384 eu/t produced

3 L/s of Liquid Hydrogen per every 1,000 eu/t produced to boost the Engine