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Schematica is a utility mod included in GT:NH that allows players to make schematics of builds to share, copy and rotate. It can auto-place blocks in a limited radius around the player to build loaded blueprints automatically.


Set your keybinds in ESC > Options > Controls > Schematica. Defaults are as follows:

  • NumPad Divide (/) Load schematic GUI.
  • NumPad Multipy (*) Save schematic GUI.
  • NumPad Subtract (-) Control loaded schematic GUI.
  • Next Layer (NONE) Go up one level when viewing a schematic in layer mode.
  • Previous Layer (NONE) Go down one level when viewing a schematic in layer mode.
  • Saved schematics are placed in the /*instance*/schematics/ folder.
  • Material lists are placed in the /*instance*/dumps/ folder.


To save a build, invoke the Save Schematic GUI (default Numpad *). Two sets of coordinates are required. Toggle the selection render to be visible by pressing the OFF button in the bottom right. Pressing the Red Point or Blue Point button will set the coordinates to the player's current location. When both coordinates have been adjusted, name the schematic and hit SAVE. SAVE will not be available if rendering is set to OFF.

Load & Control

A blue minecraft sky with dark buttons and input fields labelled with schematic control options.
Schematica's Control GUI

To load a build, invoke the Load Schematic GUI (default Numpad /). A holographic rendering of the build will be placed near the player. The hologram can be rotated and moved with the Control GUI (default Numpad -). Materials button will list all the resources needed for the build, and Printer will toggle auto-placement of blocks from inventory. Unload removes the hologram. ALL/LAYER toggles between showing the full build and a single layer, defined by the integer box with -/+ or optional keybinds. Hide temporarily hides the hologram but does not unload it. Move here changes the hologram's coordinates to the player's current position, and Rotate turns the hologram ninety degrees at a time.

Auto-Build (Printer)

Printer's auto-placement is limited; blocks must be orthogonally adjacent to an existing block to be placed, and some blocks such as Forge Microblocks, Carpenter's Blocks and ArchitectureCraft blocks will not place properly or even at all. To place stairs, the player must be facing in the correct orientation for the stair's variant.

Schematica's config file your_instance/config/schematica.cfg has settings for faster block placement. By default it will only attempt to place one contiguous block every tick, from the player's inventory and last four hotbar slots.

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