Sleeping Bag

From GT New Horizons

The Sleeping Bag is an item in Gregtech: New Horizons that is added by the Sleeping Bag mod. Much like the vanilla bed, the sleeping bag allows the player to sleep through the night. Unlike the bed however, the sleeping bag does not set the players respawn point when slept in. This makes the sleeping bag a useful item for the player to carry in their inventory, as they can sleep whilst out on their adventures without worrying about overwriting their home spawn point.

Another way that the sleeping bag differs to the standard bed is that it cannot be placed into the world, it is instead used more like a tool. Although it does get laid out on the floor for the duration of the players sleep, it is automatically put back into the players inventory when they wake up.

The player will receive the same status effects as they would when waking up in a regular bed when they use the sleeping bag.

Sleeping Bag Crafting Recipe

Crafting recipe for the Sleeping Bag
Crafting recipe for the Sleeping Bag

In order to craft the sleeping bag, the player needs the following materials:

  • 3x Carpet – Any colour
  • 3x Wool -  Any colour
  • ­3x Tanned Leather


  • Since the player gets the positive status affects such as Regeneration, from waking up whenever they use the sleeping bag, they should keep an eye on the in-game time when exploring underground dungeons for an opportunity to get free positive status effects which may help them clear a difficult area.