Space Elevator

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The Space Elevator is a modular structure. It can be equipped with Space Elevator modules, which then can take on different tasks.

It my also be a reference to a game called Satisfactory.


For general construction refer to the Multiblock Structure Hologram Projector.

The Space Elevator has up to 24 module slots that can be used. The first 6 slots are free, while you need atleast MK-II motors to unlock the next 6. MK-III motors unlock 15 slots, Mk-IV motors 18 and Mk-V motors all 24. The motor tier also determines the module tier that you can use. The IO is not shared between modules, each module only sees their own slots IO. Energy is only provided to the central structure of the Space Elevator and then automatically distributed to all modules.

The Space Elevator Cable also must not be obstructed.

After the Space Elevator has formed it will spawn a climber which will ascend down. After that it may ascend up and down again every once in a while.

The Space Elevator with its climber


After a module has been inserted and supplied with the right IO, it can be configured further using a Parametrizer. Without a Parametrizer you can't use the full potential of your modules.

Space Pumping Module

The Space Pumping Module needs to be supplied with a Rocket Control Computer in its GUI slot. Then you can select the gas type that should be pumped using the Parametrizer. The module consumes 1A UHV to work. Following fluids can be pumped:

Pumpable fluids
Planet Type Gas Type Fluid Amount [L/s]
2 1 Chlorobenzene 896,000
4 1 Sulfuric Acid 784,000
2 Molten Iron 896,000
3 Oil 1,400,000
4 Heavy Oil 1,792,000
5 1 Carbon Monoxid 4,480,000
2 Helium-3 2,800,000
3 Salt Water 2,800,000
4 Helium 1,400,000
5 Liquid Oxygen 896,000
6 Neon 32,000
7 Argon 32,000
8 Krypton 8,000
9 Methane 1,792,000
6 1 Deuterium 1,568,000
2 Tritium 240,000
3 Ammonia 240,000
4 Xenon 16,000
5 Ethylene 1,792,000
7 1 Hydrofluoric Acid 672,000
2 Fluorine 1,792,000
3 Nitrogen 1,792,000
4 Oxygen 1,792,000
8 1 Hydrogen 1,568,000
2 Liquid Air 875,000
3 Molten Copper 672,000
4 Unknown Liquid 672,000
5 Distilled Water 17,920,000
6 Radon 64,000

Space Mining Module

The Space Mining Module needs to supplied with a drone, which will act as catalyst, a set of input items, computation and either Helium, Bismuth or Radon plasma. The plasma will boost both the recipe time and the amount of bonus stacks you get out of a recipe.

The module has these parameters that can be manipulated with a Parametrizer:

  • Parallels: How many parallels the machine should do (Max 2 for MK-I, 4 for MK-II and 8 for MK-III)
  • Overdrive: Affects the speed and the chances for bonus outputs. 1 is default
  • Distance: Affects the outputs you get. The NEI handler tells you which recipe has which distance

When multiple recipes have the same input and you have the distance set to a value that they share, the module will pick a random one, taking the recipes weights into consideration.

When the mining module randomly selects a recipe based on Distance and Weight, it will calculate its output and time using the following formula:

Let ,PT=PlasmaTier,Helium Plasma=1,Bismuth Plasma=2,Radon Plasma=3;OD=overdrive

Expected output: