Starting Steam

From GT New Horizons

This guide is meant as a simple demonstration of a successful steam setup. There is a little work involved in getting this setup but like most stuff in GTNH that is normal. This is not the ONLY way to do a steam setup but if you're just starting out and you're always having the machines run out of steam because you have a GT boiler hooked up directly to the machine this is a good way to progress from there.

The idea behind this is:

  1. Infinite (mostly) water source.
  2. Steam generation machine/multi-block.
  3. Steam storage (buffer) multi-block.
  4. Steam machines.

This guide will not get into the X amount of steam per tick per this per that. It will rely on visual cues to help simplify the setup.

Once you have this setup you fill the boiler with coal/charcoal/coke etc and let it fill up the tank with steam. Then you do some processing. Your visual ques will be the tank emptying out of steam.

Basic steam setup.

You will need the following items:

  • 26x Water Tank Siding (Railcraft) - Found in Multi-Block Goals Quest Tab
  • 1x Solid Fueled Boiler Firebox (Railcraft) - Found in Multi-Block Goals Quest Tab
  • 1x Low Pressure Boiler Tank (Railcraft) - Found in Multi-Block Goals Quest Tab
  • 1x Iron Tank (Railcraft) - Found in Multi-Block Goals Quest Tab (you can make it bigger!)
  • 14x (approx) Bronze Fluid Pipes (GregTech)
  • 4x (approx) Small Bronze Fluid Pipes (GregTech)
  • 4x (approx) Small Wooden Fluid Pipes (GregTech)

The idea of running Small Bronze Fluid Pipes to each machine branching off of the regular Bronze Fluid Pipes is based on experience (not exact science). This helps the system be a little more stable. Instead of running the full steam source into each machine you take just a bit. In my experience You can run 2 machines at a time this way almost constantly (pending the level of the steam in the tank). I find the Alloy Smelter is the most demanding of the machines so I always put that first. The rest of the core steam machines don't matter nearly as much.

When you see your tank almost out of steam simply pull out your items until it has a chance to replenish. This same concept can take you very far with a little investment in expansion.