Steam Oven

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The Steam Oven is a steam-powered furnace multiblock from Railcraft that can smelt nine items at once. It can cook any furnace compatible recipe. While technically available as soon as the player has access to Steel, it's quite expensive to construct and is best built after a steady supply of Steel is secured. The Steam Oven is an excellent way to re-purpose old Steam infrastructure after moving up to LV or MV. Like all Railcraft multis, the Steam Oven cannot Wallshare and will not form if another Steam Oven is adjacent.


The Steam oven is quite simple, two layers of four blocks forming a 2x2x2 cube of Steam Oven blocks. There is no separate controller. Requires significant quantities of Steel rods, item casings, frames, screws and plates, along with some Wrought Iron and Bronze.


  • x8 Steam Oven, made from:
    • 8x High Pressure Boiler Tank
    • 8x Steel Firebox Casing
    • 2x High Pressure Furnace


A light grey GUI with three by three darker grey slots on both the left with raw fish and right with cooked fish. In the middle are three wavy lines filling vertically to show progress and a tank guage full of grey bubbling steam.
Steam Oven GUI

At a fixed 13.5s per smelting cycle, it takes 1.5s/889L to process each item if the Steam Oven has at least nine items to cook. It takes the full 13.5 seconds and 8,000L of steam to run regardless if the Oven is doing only one item or a full nine. The Steam Oven accepts steam input from any side but does not pull / auto-input by itself.

Different items can be mixed for each cycle. If multiple input slots are filled, the Steam Oven will split its processing amongst them as evenly as possible rather than prioritizing the first slot. If all items are removed before the cycle completes it will stop, wasting the consumed steam. Upon completion of a cycle, the oven will emit white smoke particles and make a soft steam venting noise. This purely cosmetic and will not damage nearby players or entities. Cooking items that grant EXP for smelting will yield experience points when they are removed by the player.

The Steam Oven does not auto-input or output and will require Item Logistics to automate. It accepts piping from any side and will only allow valid items into its input slots.