Steve's Factory Manager

From GT New Horizons

There are two main blocks, the Machine Inventory Manager and the Inventory Cable. Only blocks directly adjacent to either the manager block or a cable block are able to be controlled by SFM.

Allows for complex item and fluid routing in a compact space. Does not require power, and most operations occur around a trigger, either time-based (a timer) or event based (on redstone signal). Can move an infinite amount of items and fluids per trigger, provided that the storage medium it is interfacing with does not limit it, ex: Storage Drawers prevent removal of more than 1 stack per operation. Operations do not take additional time based on distance. SFM's internal timer trigger has a minimum tick time of 1 second and any work-arounds are relatively unreliable. SFM's price when it becomes available is relatively expensive compared to other automation systems, but its price is justified by its features.

A huge benefit of SFM is it's ability to read inventories. This allows you to have certain things happen depending on what items are in a given inventory. Using this mechanic, automation of the assembly line, as well as less complex GT machines is incredibly simple.

When setting filters for conditions/inputs/outputs you can r click on your fluid/item to edit it. This allows you to do a lot of useful things. You can set quantities of movement/conditions, as well as change a lot of how items work. This is needed for anything doing specific quantities of movement for automation. It's also required for some gregtech items. Small/tiny piles won't show up in the search, so you need to use an item with the same base ID, and edit the meta in sfm to match the item.