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Too Many "Electricity" Sections Potentially Confusing New Players

The original "Electricity" page needs to have some sort of separation from the "Snagger's Electricity Guide" section. It feels rather convoluted and possibly confusing for a new player coming to this wiki. (Not to mention I strongly believe the name 'Snagger' ought to be removed altogether from the latter section. A small credit at the end of the article is fine, but shameless self-aggrandizing certainly doesn't belong front and center in the title/header of the title.

Not only that, but it's not exactly a "Guide for Noobs" as the title of the article suggests. I mean it literally takes you tick-by-tick and packet-by-packet, while keeping track of the EU inside the internal buffer of the machines EU is being pushed to. If anything it should be titled "GTNH Electricity: A Detailed Look at the Inner Workings of how Electricity is Stored and Transferred."

On the other hand, there are a few tidbits that are absolutely critical (imho) that noobs should know, the #1 misconception being that (for example) 2 machines running non-stop will always require 2 generators; the assumption being that each machine requires an amp/tick, therefore 2 generators are needed since they each produce 1 amp/tick. (When in reality 1 generator could potentially power over a dozen machines depending how much EU/t the recipe for each machine requires, which is dependent on the idea that a generator does 'not' send 1 amp every tick, but rather it sends an amp when a machine responds to the "push" from the generator broadcasting "I have an amp this tick ready to be sent out along my network, are there any machines that have the capacity in their internal buffer that has room for the 32/128/512 EU contained in my packet?"

The idea presented in the preceding paragraph still appears to be misunderstood even by veteran GTNH players. So many times in the Discord chat I've seen someone sharing their power grid setup and it usually goes something like this: "I used a transformer to stepdown my HV voltage down to MV, connected directly to a 4-slot MV Battery Buffer, where I then connect 4 MV machines to it." Sounds perfectly, right? 'Wrong!' 4 MV Generators != power for 4 MV machines. 4 MV Generators = power for machines that at maximum load have recipes that are requiring a combined 512 EU/t (128*4=512).

All this being said, I believe the solution (which I'll summarize down below

I'm unashamed to admit that my ego and need for internet recognition (lol) took precedence over what a traditional wiki--a wealth of information by anonymous volunteers who generously and selflessly donated their time and effort to help new players with no expectation of self-promotion--but I realize how tacky it looks.

Adjustments to be made:

  1. "Snagger's Electricity Guide for New Players" currently appears in 2 places on this wiki. One is appended at the bottom of the "Electricity" wiki page, and the other has it's own wiki page dedicated to itself.
  2. Rename "Snagger's Electricity Guide for New Players" to

Both issues can be resolved by keeping original Snagger's guide on the separate page, with all credits, and adding a link to it at the "See Also" section of this guide. Parts of Snagger's guide can always be used to improve this one, or backwards. --AnCorp (talk) 14:19, 29 November 2023 (UTC)