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A blank infobox is provided on the right for quicker reference, the infobox will be collapsed on actual articles.

  • name: The title that will be displayed at the top of the info box.
  • image: The modicon of the mod in the format Modicon (full mod name).png where the modicon is located. Use the complete filename, like "Block sand.png".
  • author: Current author or authors of the mod. Separate multiple authors by commas or linebreaks.
  • pastauthor: Previous author(s) of the mod.
  • version: The current mod version. Optionally, this can have different versions for each supported Minecraft version.
  • mcversion: The Minecraft versions that are supported by the mod.
  • modloader: The mod loader used by the mod. This will usually be Minecraft Forge.
  • requires or dependency: If the mod is an addon to another mod.
  • neededfor: If the mod is a dependency to another mod.
  • requirespast or dependencypast: If the mod was dependent on another mod, but is no longer.
  • neededforpast: If the mod had a dependency to another mod, but it is no longer needed.
  • url: URL to the mod's main page. Can be a dedicated forum thread or website.
  • discord: The Discord server for the mod.
  • irc: The IRC server and channel for the mod. Formatted as server@channel, for example: esper.net@TheSteamTank.
  • id: The mod's mod ID


  • modpacks: What modpacks include this mod.

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