From GT New Horizons
Image: Fully formed Thaumatorium
Image: Interface of the Thaumatorium with an active recipe

The Thaumatorium is a multiblock added by the Thaumcraft mod. It acts as a Crucible, but takes liquid essentia for its recipes instead of breaking down items for essentia.

The Thaumatorium is formed by placing a crucible and two Alchemical Constructs on top of it, then right clicking on it with a wand holding at least 30 Ordo, 30 Aqua, and 30 Ignis vis. It requires a heat source such as fire or Nitor below it to function.

Essentia must be provided in the order listed left to right in the Thaumatorium's interface for each craft. A finished craft will be output through the front of the Thaumatorium, which is on the side with the recipe output displayed; if there is no inventory present, then the output will be physically dropped out the machine. Attaching Mnemonic Matrices will allow for multiple recipes to be stored in the Thaumatorium.

Essentia can be piped in through Essentia Tubes or the Thaumic Energistics' Essentia Provider into any side of the upper two blocks.