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Useful Trees

Trees that might be considered for mass wood farming or are notable for other resources. The majority of decorative tree types are not listed here because they are inferior to the basic vanilla trees (cannot be bonsai'd).

  • Saplings - number of saplings to grow a tree.
  • Footprint - area the grown trunk occupies. It may not fill the whole square, these are maximum dimensions.
  • Height - average height of a grown tree.
  • Loggable - If yes, the tree can be fully cut down with a Tinker's Construct Lumberaxe. Partial means most of the tree is removed but some leaves and/or wood remain. No means the Lumberaxe is ineffective at cutting down the tree, at best clearing a section.
  • Bonemeal - can the sapling be force-grown with bone meal.
  • Notes - other notable features or properties.
Tree Source Saplings Footprint Height Loggable Bonemeal Notes
Acacia / Birch / Dark Oak / Jungle / Oak / Spruce Vanilla 1 1x1 5-12 Yes Yes Placeable as an IC2 Crop. 100% sapling drop rate with GT Branch Cutter. Oak/Dark Oak branches can break any block, including bedrock in 1.7.10.
Canopy Tree Twilight Forest 1 1x1 20-25 Yes Yes Generates roots below the sapling that replace blocks. Can be used to break bedrock, use caution when placing near valuable items. Chance to generate Fireflies.
Dark Oak / Jungle / Spruce Vanilla 4 2x2 6-30 Yes Yes Jungle produces vines, which makes them easier to climb and chop w/o Lumber Axe.
Greatwood Thaumcraft 1 2x2 20+ Partial No Leaves not affected by fast decay. 1+ stack of wood. Lamp/Hoe of Growth required to accelerate.
Rainforest Oak GT++ 1 3x3 100+ Yes Yes Grows extremely fast and tall. 2-3 stacks of saplings and 5-8 stacks of wood per tree. Also rarely drops apples. Sapling can be crafted. Does not have a Cutting Machine or Lathe recipe for planks/sticks.
Redwood Natura 1 13x13 140+ No Yes Tooltip *lies* - only one sapling is needed. Circular trunk. Root blocks (18+ blocks below) destructive to anything around the sapling when grown. Grows straight through other blocks, deleting them even if planted underground. High risk of becoming trapped if bone meal'd. Difficult to clean up, two wood blocks. Multiple inventories of wood/saplings, but not efficient.
Redwood Biomes o' Plenty 1 5x5 40+ Yes Yes Diamond shaped trunk. Needs a large clear area to grow, trees drop 3+ stacks of wood and ~10+ saplings.
Sacred Oak Biomes o' Plenty 1 5x5 50+ Partial Yes 60+ stacks of wood, 10+ stacks of saplings. Lumberaxe misses outer branches and leaves.
Silverwood Thaumcraft 1 5x5 8-16 Yes No Short "root" blocks, can destroy blocks outside of the 3x3 trunk. Very rarely drops saplings (<1 per tree) without Thaumium Grafter. Can be accelerated with Lamp of Growth or insta-grown with Hoe of Growth. Chance of having 1-3 Pure Nodes; most Silverwoods have none.