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The Vacuum Freezer is a multiblock that super-cools its contents. It is mainly used to chill hot ingots from an Electric Blast Furnace into usable material, but can also cool certain liquids and cells. The Mega Vacuum Freezer and Cryogenic Freezer do similar recipes. This multiblock is required to access Titanium and progress to EV-tier.


A Vacuum Freezer is a hollow 3x3x3 structure. While it has a few LV recipes, most are HV+ and it's not recommended to build the freezer with anything less than HV capability. The standard progression reason for making this multiblock is to access Titanium, which requires either one HV Energy Hatch, or two MV Energy Hatches each being supplied with 2A. With the exception of the controller, the freezer's buses and hatches can go anywhere on the exterior. The remainder of the structure is filled with Frost Proof Machine Casings. While not initially necessary, I/O hatches can be included to reduce the number of casings / aluminium required.


  • x1 Vacuum Freezer (controller); front, centered
  • x1 Maintenance Hatch; anywhere
  • x1+ Energy Hatch (HV+ or x2 MV); anywhere
  • x1+ Input Bus (any); anywhere, optional
  • x1+ Output Bus (any); anywhere, optional
  • x1+ Input Hatch (any), anywhere, optional
  • x1+ Output Hatch (any), anywhere, optional
  • ~x18+ Frost Proof Machine Casings, variable


Hot ingots or cells go to the Input Bus, and after successful completion of the recipe cold products will be placed in the Output Bus. Has a 2/4 overclock factor, doesn't have parallel recipe processing.

If the Vacuum Freezer does not work, refer to troubleshooting guide.

Useful Tips

  • The freezer does not need a Muffler Hatch, as it makes no pollution.
  • For the first Vacuum Freezer, a LV Input and Output Bus will be sufficient.
  • Like many other multiblocks, freezers can wallshare with other vacuum freezers.
  • Cooling times are shorter than heating times - a single freezer can keep up with multiple EBF's.
  • When upgrading the Electric Blast Furnace, it's also recommended to upgrade the Vacuum Freezer accordingly. This is because ingots will start to have higher freeze times and voltage requirements as a player progresses through the Gregtech voltage tiers.