New Mods:

  • Binnie Patcher 1.6

Mod Upgrade:

  • AFSU 1.2.3a
  • Bee Specific 1.0.0
  • Brandons Core
  • Buildcraft 7.1.16
  • Buildcraft Compat 7.1.4
  • Draconic Evolution 1.0.2RC2
  • Extra Cells 2.3.9b189
  • Forestry
  • Galacticraft
  • Gendustry
  • Gregtech
  • GTNH Core Mod 1.1.30
  • Industrialcraft 2.2.817
  • Magic Bees 2.4.3
  • Nei Addons
  • Optifine HD UD3
  • Railcraft
  • SG Craft 1.11.0
  • Thaumic Energistics

Config changes:

  • Draconic Evolution (remove Dezils Marshmallows from Butcher trade OOOhhhh)
  • Forbidden magic/Bloodmagic (Fix potion id conflicts I:FeatherFall=114 to I:FeatherFall=135, I:Corrupting=71 to I:Corrupting=125)

Added/Changed Recipes:

  • Bibliocraft (adding recipe for Forestry4 wood back)
  • Extra Trees (add Fence, Doors adn Gate recipe Forestry 4 compatible)
  • Extra Utilities (fix thaumcraft recipes)
  • Forestry (Make all recipes Forestry 4 compatible thanks to lefty, rebalaced Proven Grafter,)
  • Gregtech/Extra Bees (Sapphire crafting fix)
  • GTNH Core Mod (Adding Thaumcraft Tab and move all custom researches to this tab, add Witchery Tab)
  • Storage Drawers (nerf all recipe from the mod thanks to lefty,)
  • Magic Bees (Fixed messed up recipes)
  • Minecraft (fix thaumcraft items)
  • Tinkers Construct (Change the Heart recipes a bit)
  • Warp Theory (Fix thaumcraft items, make Purifiation Talisman cheaper HV Age, )

Code changes:

  • Draconic Evolution (adding recipe for Dezils Marshmallows Yea)
  • Gregtech (added Forestry 4 support for the Sqeezer and Centrifuge)
  • GTNH Core Mod (added Thaumcraft and Witchery Tab to the Thaumanomicum)

Version History