New Mods:

  • Sleeping Bag 0.1.1
  • Tec Tech 3.5.0

Mod Upgrade:

  • Asie Lib 0.48
  • Computronics 1.6.5
  • Gregtech
  • GTNewHorizonsCoreMod 1.5.7
  • GT-PlusPlus 1.6.02
  • Railcraft

Config changes:

  • Gregtech(Worldgenfile fix)

Added/Changed Recipes:

  • IC2
    • Balance issues with re-enabled biogas recipes #1911
    • set all items to meta id 1 because 26 unobtainable
  • Galacticraft
    • Raw meteoric iron #1936
    • Fixed raw meteoric iron furnace recipe
  • Gravisuit
    • Advanced Nanochestplate/Jetpack recepies #1938
  • Gregtech
    • Thermionic fabricator use wrong items in recipes #1924
  • Magic Bees
    • Fixed enchanted earth research page info text
  • Open Blocks
    • Sleeping bag #1935
  • Thaumcraft
    • Magic Converters doesn't accept GregTech Void Ingots #1916

Code changes:

Core Mod

  • Add fix for alloy smelter, remove unised imports., [Quest & Recipe] Change "Empty Circuit Board" to use Fluid Extractor/Assembler instead of Thermionic Fabricator #1885, add gt++ to dependencies, Diode recipes use more fine wires, Fluid Canner cost reduction #1197, removed un used code, [Quest] Super Tank I #1922, Add Mysterious Lens, Flawless and Exquisite Gem, Add recipes for Mysterious Crystals and Mytryl


  • Move the setting out of the temperature to new method Materials disableAutoGeneratedBlastFurnaceRecipes() -> return "this" with disabled auto gen on EBF recipes,
  • Add auto output to output busses, and limit the speed to once every 8 ticks on both fluid and item outputs, Set proper EBF temps, Methanol recipies missing carbon monoxide #1907,
  • Adjusted IC2Biomass -> IC2Biogas, Fermented Biomass EUt Distilling IC2 Biomass into IC2 Biogas now consumes significantly more Biomass.
  • The EUt of processing Fermented Biomass in the Distillation Tower has been reduced to fix netto energy density, Fixed wrong Biogas recipe quantity due to GT recipe otimization,
  • Multi-lines tooltip support #1199, Fluid Canner cost reduction #1197, Fix the Generated Item Pipes #1192, Fix the Tooltip of Pumps #1191, Correct description of regulator #1168
  • Add new zpm and uv battery #1147, 1909: Fix oregen issue with empty chunks. Problem was caused by not u… Recipy for petri dish consume Mold shape #1204,
  • [] Double recipe from wooden slab #1928, [] Advanced Nanochestplate/Jetpack recepies #1938, fixed wildcard value in Gravisuit

Quests changes:

  • Fueled jetpack quest #1913, Rainbow Curry Recipe Bug #1912, [] Cadmium LV Quests #1917, Questing Issue (Tier 3, Molten Polyethylene) #1919, Typo in Quest "Pollution what....?" #1920,
  • Nitric Oxide Quest #1923, [1.5+] OpenBlock Sleeping bag #1935, Quest 52 "A clear view" - Chisel crafting #1931, EBF not output fluid #1927,

Version History