Automated Farming

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Automated Farming is an important part of GregTech : New Horizons as it provides renewable sources of food, power and raw materials. The first automated farm most players make is wood production for Benzene or Charcoal.

List of IC2 Crops: IC2 Crops List

Options for Automated Farming

Farm Mod Tier Notes
Crop Manager GregTech LV IC2 crops only, only harvests fully mature
Steve's Carts Steve's Carts 2 LV Can only do vanilla Crops and Trees
Crop-Matron IC2 LV IC2 crops only
Crop Harvester IC2 LV IC2 crops only, can harvest partially mature plants
Farming Station Ender IO HV Cannot do IC2 Crops, uses tool durability
Multifarm Forestry LV Requires water and Fertilizer
Tree Growth Simulator GregTech IV Trees only
Extreme Industrial Greenhouse GregTech IV LuV power required for IC2 crops
Open Computers Crop Breeding OpenComputers HV-EV IC2 crops only, can stat up and propagate

Popular Automated Farming Uses

Product Grown Mod Primary Output Additional Procesing Outputs Reason for Growing
Glowflower[1] Biomes o' Plenty Glowstone Redstone. Gold, Raw Silicon, Ruby and Pyrite Dusts Renewable Resources
Trees vanilla MC Wood, Saplings Benzene Power
Rape (Canola) GregTech Seed Oil Bio Diesel Power
Peanut Pam's HarvestCraft Seed Oil Bio Diesel Power
Sugar Beet Crops++ Sugar Oxygen, Carbon Dust and Water Oxygen
Redlon Thaumic Bases Redstone Ruby, Pyrite and Raw Silicon Dusts Chrome / Redstone
Stickreed IC2 Sticky Resin, Sugar Canes Sugar, Raw Rubber Dust, Plantball, Refined Glue Rubber
sweed Thaumic Bases Sugar, Sugar Canes Sugar, Plantball Oxygen
Yellow Stonelilly IC2 Endstone Dust, Sand Sand, Tungstate and Platinum Metallic Powder Dusts Platline metals
Blazereed IC2 Blaze Powder/Rod Sulfur, Dark Ashes Eye of Ender, Null Catalyst
  1. Not to be confused with Glow Flower, which is a Pam's Harvestcraft crop and cannot go on Crop(sticks). Glow Flower is also usable but has a lower default yield.