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Coils and their heat ratings

Coil Blocks or Heating Coils are used in multiblock machines that need to produce heat, notably the Electric Blast Furnace, Mega Blast Furnace, Volcanus, Mega Alloy Blast Smelter and Pyrolyse Oven. Each tier of coil requires more advanced materials, Mica Insulator Foil, and is gated by Assembler tier.

Upgrading provides a higher heat capacity that allows for smelting recipes that cannot be performed with lower tier coils, and there are two bonuses that will increase efficiency when running lower-heat recipes with higher-heat coils. Every recipe for a multiblock with coils has a listed "Heating Capacity". This value sets the minimum heat needed to perform the recipe, and how much of an efficiency bonus will be given when using coils that exceed the recipe's requirements. Other multiblocks use coils but with their own discount calculations, such as the Oil Cracking Unit.

Not Affected by Coil Upgrades

Specific Coil Required

Unique Bonuses

Heat Efficiency Bonuses

When you are above the heat capacity of a recipe, you will get two separate efficiency bonuses.

Every 900K above the heat capacity gives you a .95x multiplier to the EU/t consumed. This makes your EBF 5% more efficient for every 900K over the minimum for your recipe.

Every 1800K above the heat capacity gives an "upgraded overclock". This allows a recipe to be run at a higher voltage, while still maintaining max efficiency.

Example- Normally, smelting aluminium in the EBF with nitrogen consumes 144,000 EU per ingot at 120 EU/t, or 288,000 EU per ingot if at 480 EU/t, with a heat capacity of 1700K. With Nichrome Coils, the EBF has a heat capacity of 3600- 1900K over aluminium's required heat capacity. Thus, you get two .95x multipliers and one upgraded overclock. Thus, your actual cost for one aluminium ingot would be 129,960 EU per ingot at 108 EU/t, or 129,960 EU per ingot at 433 EU/t.

Mica Insulator Foil

All coils require insulators in their construction. The first tier of Cupronickel can take Alumino Silicate Wool, but all higher tiers require Mica Insulator Foil. This can be obtained from rare Mica veins or Fluorophlogopite Plates, which are solidified in the Vacuum Freezer and made from Magnesia, Quartz Sand, Potassium Carbonate, Potassiumfluorosilicate and Alumina. While a rather tedious mixing and processing chain this may be a more viable option for players needing large quantities that cannot be sustained with mined resources.