Dimension Reference

From GT New Horizons

Dimensions are complete worlds the player can normally explore and build in. Each one has its own chunk and data files stored in /your_instance/saves/your_world/DIM_###/. Dimensions are used for space stations, alternate worlds like the Twilight Forest, End or Nether, often having unique Ore Generation, Biomes, structures, flora and fauna. While most dimensions are shared across the whole save or server, some are keyed to individual players, such as Personal Dimensions, Spectre World and Space Stations.

The following table cross references known dimensions to their in-game name/location.

Dimension Name Notes
DIM0 Overword Also known as Earth or /region/ folder
DIM-1 Nether
DIM1 The End
DIM2 Spectre World Accessed with the Spectre Key
DIM7 Twilight Forest Twilight Forest
DIM25 Makemake
DIM28 Moon
DIM29 Mars
DIM30 Asteroids
DIM31 Alpha Centauri Bb
DIM32 Barnarda C
DIM33 Kuiper Belt
DIM35 Europa
DIM36 Io
DIM37 Mercury
DIM38 Phobos
DIM39 Venus
DIM40 Deimos
DIM41 Enceladus
DIM42 Ceres
DIM43 Ganymede
DIM44 Titan
DIM45 Callisto
DIM46 Oberon
DIM47 Proteus
DIM48 Triton
DIM49 Pluto
DIM50 The Outer Lands
DIM51 Uranus
DIM55 Spirit World
DIM56 The Torment
DIM60 Bedrock Dimension
DIM63 Ross128ba
DIM64 Ross128b
DIM69 Pocket Plane
DIM70 Mirror
DIM71 Jupiter
DIM74 Neptune
DIM77 Saturn
DIM81 Barnarda E
DIM82 Barnarda F
DIM83 Haumea
DIM84 Vega B
DIM85 T Ceti E
DIM86 Miranda
DIM100 Deep Dark Extra Utilities' Deep Dark
DIM112 The Last Millenium Extra Utilities' The Last Millenium
DIM173 Outer Lands Thaumcraft's Eldritch Dimension
Cannot /tpa to this dim.
DIM227 Toxic Everglades Also known as dimensionDarkWorld
DIM228 The Australia Depreciated / Unimplemented
DIM_SPACESTATIONxxx Spacestation Each player can have their own
UW_GARDEN_xxx Garden Each player can have their own
UW_VOID_xxx Void Each player can have their own