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Chemical plant is a GT++ multiblock designed to produce a number of chemicals, most notably: Galacticraft rocket fuels, GT++ ore processing fluids, algae chemistry and also it's the only way to make Dangote Distillus (mega DT) controller.

If you're after a quick guide to get your chemical plant online and make rocket fuel to get to Mars and beyond, then skip to Construction section.

Here is a video made by someone if you prefer that method (no talking): https://youtu.be/MZI_EOudK68


When building a Chemical Plant, the controller, hatches, buses, energy hatch, maintenance hatch and catalyst housing all go in the bottom layer. NEI can show the structure of chemical plant depending on required tier (as displayed in recipe). The structure consists primarily of the first four types of blocks listed below.

  • Machine Casings - regular GT machine casings (NOT machine hulls), that are in the middle of the structure. Their tier determines the maximum tier of hatches/buses, including energy hatch and inputs/outputs. For example, you'll need at least EV machine casings to use EV hatches. You'll need exactly 57 of machine casings.
  • Solid Casings - outline the structure. Tier of solid casings is the tier of recipes the chemical plant can make. Does NOT limit the tier of machine casings. You'll need at least 70 of them, but not more than 90.
  • Coils - GT heating coils. These determine the recipe time reduction (time = 100 / (100 + 50 * (coilTier + 1))). 27 blocks required.
  • Pipe Casings - these determine number of parallels (+2 parallels/tier, starts with 2 parallels/tier for bronze), and also add a 20% chance to NOT consume catalyst per tier (starts with 0% for bronze). If pipe casings are max tier (tungstensteel) AND coils are at least tier 10 (awakened draconium), then the catalyst won't get any damage. 18 blocks required.
  • Catalyst Housing - only one is likely to be needed. For most recipes its presence is not even required.

Valid Coils

  • Tier 0: Cupronickel Coil Block
  • Tier 1: Kanthal Coil Block
  • Tier 2: Nichrome Coil Block
  • Tier 3: TPV-Alloy Coil Block
  • Tier 4: HSS-G Coil Block
  • Tier 5: HSS-S Coil Block
  • Tier 6: Naquadah Coil Block
  • Tier 7: Naquadah Alloy Coil Block
  • Tier 8: Trinium Coil Block
  • Tier 9: Fluxed Electrum Coil Block
  • Tier 10: Awakened Draconium Coil Block
  • Tier 11: Infinity Coil Block
  • Tier 12: Hypogen Coil Block
  • Tier 13: Eternal Coil Block

Valid Pipe Casings

  • Tier 1: Bronze Pipe Casing
  • Tier 2: Steel Pipe Casing
  • Tier 3: Titanium Pipe Casing
  • Tier 4: Tungstensteel Pipe Casing

Valid Machine Casings

Note: Don't turn these into the Machine Hulls!

  • Tier 1: LV Machine Casing
  • Tier 2: MV Machine Casing
  • Tier 3: HV Machine Casing
  • Tier 4: EV Machine Casing
  • Tier 5: IV Machine Casing
  • Tier 6: LuV Machine Casing
  • Tier 7: ZPM Machine Casing
  • Tier 8: UV Machine Casing
  • Tier 9: UHV Machine Casing

Valid Solid Casings

  • Tier 1: Strong Bronze Machine Casing
  • Tier 2: Solid Steel Machine Casing
  • Tier 3: Sturdy Aluminium Machine Casing
  • Tier 4: Clean Stainless Steel Machine Casing
  • Tier 5: Stable Titanium Machine Casing
  • Tier 6: Robust Tungstensteel Machine Casing
  • Tier 7: Vigorous Laurenium Machine Casing
  • Tier 8: Rugged Botmium Machine Casing

Shorter version of this information is available via in-game book guide. Note: you can make the in-game guide as shown below:

Chemical Plant Manual


The shopping list below has what is required to make RP-1 Rocket Fuel, or in the case of the coils and the pipe casings, the ones chosen by the original author of this guide.

Shopping List

  • 27x Cupronickel Coil Blocks
  • 18x Steel Pipe Casing
  • 57x HV Machine Casing
  • 85x Clean Stainless Steel Machine Casing
  • 1x Energy Hatch (Not higher than HV)
  • 1x Maintenance Hatch
  • 2x Input Hatch (Not higher than HV)
  • 2x Output Hatch (Not higher than HV)
  • 1x Input Bus (Not higher than HV)

Programmed circuits will go in the Input Bus, not the Catalyst Housing. The hatch tiers cannot be higher than the tier of the 57 machine casings.

Layer by Layer Build Guide

Note: Catalyst Housing, Input Hatches, Output Hatches, Input Bus, Maintenance Hatch, Energy Hatch and Controller must all go in the bottom layer. You can see below the controller is colored orange. These blocks must replace one of the Solid Casings (in this case the Clean Stainless Steel Machine Casings). They cannot be the corner blocks. The Controller must be in the middle as pictured below.