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Lasers are used as an endgame way of transporting energy. They have some advantages and disadvantages compared to just using cables for energy transportation, which will be listed bellow.

Advantages of Lasers

  • Can be used to transport insanely high amounts of power
  • Negligible loss (1EU/second per max. ampere passive loss on every Laser Hatch)
  • Easy to upgrade infrastructure (Just need to replaces hatches)

Disadvantages of Lasers

  • Expensive to set up
  • Most machines can't be connected directly with a Laser
  • Can only go in straight lines
  • One Laser Source can only connect to one Laser Target

Setting up Lasers

The first thing you need to to is add a Laser Source Hatch to your power supplying machine like an Active Transformer. After that you install a Laser Target Hatch on the machine that should receive power. Both Hatches need to face each other in a straight line. Of course both hatches also need to be of the same voltage. You then connect both Hatches using the Laser Vacuum Pipe, though it would also work to connect a Source and a Target hatch directly without a pipe. To finish it just color both Hatches and the Pipes in the same color by using a Spray Can or any other GT-compatible coloring tool.

Example of a laser setup using an Active transformer to connect a laser to a Processing array

Low Power Lasers


Supported machines

Following machines support Laser Hatches:

  • Every multiblock from TecTech
  • All mega variants of machines (If they have glass in the structure then it needs to be atleast UV-Glass)
  • Lapotronic Supercapacitor (Requires atleast UV-Glass)
  • Processing Array
  • Power Station/PSS
  • Compact Fusion Computer

Active Transformer

Active Transformers are used as nodes in a power grid, sending and receiving power using unreasonably high amperage laser connections and then using TecTech 16A/64A Dynamo Hatches to distribute the power to multiblocks at your desired voltages.

However, Active Transformers can also be used to directly feed energy into laser-compatible multiblocks. Due to the strict no-turning policy regarding lasers, you will need to deliberately design your infrastructure ahead of time to make full use of the Active Transformer's laser-compatibility.

When working with Active Transformers it is important to turn it off before editing it. If you remove a single block from the structure, making it incomplete, while it has energy, it will explode. This can also be dangerous when machines near it explode, possibly damaging the Active Transformer and resulting in a chain reaction.