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An entity shaped like a standard golden-brown chest, with many stick-like tan legs below.

Luggage is a player-owned entity from OpenBlocks that serves as a mobile inventory and dropped item collector. When placed into the world with right-click, it follows the player wherever they may go. When interacted with right-click, its inventory (3x9, 27 slots) can be accessed and will hold anything that a standard chest will. Shift-right-clicking picks up Luggage, transforming it back into an item but keeping its contents. Luggage can hold items that are not allowed inside backpacks, such as full dollies and Backpacks. Care should be taken not to nest excessive amounts of NBT data (such as AE2 drives and inventories that don't use external file storage), or risk being chunk banned. Players may have multiple Luggages, each has a unique inventory. Luggage do not stack and can be placed in backpacks.

Crafting Luggage requires the New Horizons: Luggage Thaumcraft research, as well as progress in Golemancy for an Animation Core & Hungry Chest, Automagy for Crystalline Brains, Paving Stone of Travel and a Wand capacity of 75 or greater.


Luggage is capable of teleporting up to 16 blocks if its owner gets too far away, sometimes landing with an audible splat noise. Regardless of source, it is immune to all damage as an entity. Even falling into the void simply causes it to teleport back to its player. In item form, Luggage is not immune to environmental damage, such as lava, cactus or despawning. It cannot be hit with weapons. If a player dies, any Luggage entities will respawn with them, making it a convenient place to keep an emergency kit of spare weapon and armor.

When items are present on the ground as entities, Luggage will attempt to walk over to them and "eat" them, putting the items into its inventory. This behavior stops if its inventory is full. It will prioritize not leaving its player, skittering back over if the loose item is further than a ten block radius away. Like all entities it can travel through portals, but will not automatically do so unless it was moving towards the portal as the player teleported between dimensions.


A pale blue chest with many tiny blue legs standing on grass. It has an animated glowing enchantment effect similar to a charged creeper.
Upgraded Luggage

Luggage can be upgraded to twice the inventory capacity (6x9, 54 slots) and a shiny blue texture by having it struck by real lightning. The easiest way to do that in GTNH is with a Quick and Dirty Portal Generator, normally used for opening the portal to the Twilight Forest. Position Luggage on the edge of the pool, not in the water, so it doesn't have time to pick up the portal generator before it goes off. Players can also upgrade their Adventure Backpack (Pig) to Zombie Pigman at the same time.

Known Issues

  • Luggage can sometimes become invisible or clip into the floor. Relog to fix.
  • Flying too quickly without being near any blocks Luggage can teleport to can leave it behind. Go back to where it was lost, Luggage should teleport to you when you get back in range (~6 chunks / 90 blocks).
  • May not follow through a portal if it was already close by and not moving when the player entered. Pick up Luggage before crossing dimensions.