Magic Energy Converter

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Three light grey blocks with grey runes and glowing blue central gems. They vary only by having grey, orange or yellow power dots on the right face.
Novice, left, Adept, right, and Master Energy Converters, bottom.

Magic Energy Converters are EU power generators added by GregTech but based on Thaumcraft. There are three levels, Novice (LV), Adept (MV) and Master (HV), which output 1A of their tier's voltage when fuelled. Power is output from the grey, orange or yellow dot side of the block. When powered, the blue dots and face opposite the output side will turn yellow.

Despite "burning" the magical fuel, Converters produce no Pollution. Accepted fuel items have magical associations, such as high tier magic metals, nether stars, blood magic slates, Twilight Forest materials, and vis shards. Nether Stars are a good choice as they can be duplicated with null catalyst crafting and have a high rating.

Fuel EU
Amber 1-24k
Magic Tallow 4k
Amnesiac/Magic Wax 6k
Ironwood 8k
Eye of Ender 10-20k
Bottle o' Enchanting 10k
Liveroot 16-32k
Steeleef 24k
Knightmetal 24k
Vinteum 32-64k
Mercury 32-64k
Ghast Tear 50k
Life Cell 100k
Aqua/Aer/Terra[1] 160-320k
Ordo[1] 240-480k
Perditio/Ignis[1] 320-640k
Slates (Blood Magic) 400k-20m
Shards [2] 720k
Void 1.5m
Fiery Blood/Steel 2.048m
Enchanted Golden Apple 6.4m
Nether Star 50-100m
Ichorium 250m
Infinity Catalyst 500m
Infinity 5b
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