Multi Smelter

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The multi smelter is a multiblock electric furnace. It can handle all furnace recipes.


When power is provided to the machine, it will begin smelting a certain amount of items depending on the tier of coils used, doubling at each tier and capping at 8192:

  • Cupronickel: 8 items per cycle
  • Kanthal: 16 items per cycle
  • Nichrome: 32 items per cycle
  • ...
  • Eternal coils: 8192 items per cycle

As with all GregTech machines, these items are consumed at the beginning of the process and cannot be retrieved. If power is lost to the machine these items will be destroyed - so be sure your power supply is enough to power the Multi Smelter before use.

There is also a Railcraft multiblock that does 9 items at a time via steam, the Steam Oven.