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This page will serve as a centralized database of all multiblocks in Gregtech New Horizons.




  • Large Steam Turbine
  • Rocketdyne F1-A Rocket Engine
  • Large HP Steam Turbine
  • Large Gas Turbine
  • Large Plasma Generator
  • Thorium Reactor
  • Large Semifluid Burner
  • Isamill Grinding Machine
  • Solid-Oxide Fuel Cell MK1
  • Solid-Oxide Fuel Cell MK2
  • Large Essentia Generator
  • Combustion Engine

Hot Coolant/Steam/Fuel providers

  • Thermal Boiler
  • Large Bronze Boiler
  • Large Steel Boiler
  • Large Titanium Boiler
  • Large Tungstensteel Boiler
  • Large Heat Exchanger
  • Deep Earth Heating Pump
  • Thorium High Temperature Reactor

Storage and Management

  • L.E.S.U
  • Lapotronic Supercapacitor
  • Power Station
  • Manual Trafo