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Useful Things

  • Force Section Break
    • keeps images/tables from flowing down the page.
    • {{clear}}
  • Line Break
    • <br>
  • Non-breaking space; prevents word wrap, good for dense tables
    • &nbsp;
  • No editing links on sections.
  • No table of contents.
    • __NOTOC__
  • Collapsed Text
    • <div class="mw-collapsible mw-collapsed"> Visible Text <div class="mw-collapsible-content">Collapsed Text</div></div>
    • Example:
      Visible Text
      Collapsed Text
  • Colored Text
    • <span style="color:red">This text is red.</span>
    • This text is red.
    • Hex values and certain color words can be used: Wikimedia - Color Formatting
  • Anchor
    • Any headings (inside ==, ===, or ==== pairs) are automatically treated as anchors.
    • [[#section_name|displayed_text]] Anchor on the same page.
    • [[page_name#section_name|displayed_text]] Anchor on a different page.
    • <span id="anchor_name">some text</span> for manual anchor. text can be omitted for invisible.


  • <ref>put reference stuff here</ref>
    • insert after thing to reference, links to footnotes automatically. Can go in tables too.
    • Can insert references with <references />, otherwise appear at bottom of page.
    • Can name references with <ref name="foo"> instead of <ref>
    • Use a previously defined & named reference again with <ref name="foo" />
    • Example[1]

No Wiki Markup

  • <nowiki>put thing that would normally be marked up here</nowiki>
    • Example: [[Page Name]]


  • <code>Put text here</code>
    • formats stuff with a different typeface and style.
    • Example: /your_instance/saves/


  • <math>put math here</math>
    • formats stuff with a different typeface and style.
    • Example:

External Resources


  • Wiki TODO
  • How does Tinker's Construct tool levelling actually work, in detail.
  1. this is a reference