Portable Scanner (Gregtech)

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A grey rectangular icon with pixelated blue screen and green, yellow and red lights across the top. Dark grey buttons on the right side and bottom edge. It's surrounded with the light green frame of a selected item in the Minecraft hotbar.
Portable Scanner

Portable Scanner, also sometimes called the Tricorder, is a diagnostics tool available in late MV. It can fully identify IC2 Crop plants, detect local Pollution in the chunk, machine status, EU storage, coordinates and block ID/metadata. It charges in any MV tier machine and has a capacity of 400k EU.

The Portable Scanner saves its last scan, which can be viewed by mousing over its icon. Full scan results are also printed to the chat window. Unlike the Cropnalyzer, it works on planted plants not seed bags. Any seeds collected from a scanned plant will be fully identified as well.

Text listing the coordinates, item id, stats, progress, power use, owner, working area, chunk pollution, CPU load, sound requests and accessibilty of an Advanced Miner machine.
Scan results for an Advanced Miner