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Renaming is the action of changing an item or entity's display name using NBT tags. Some items have built-in renaming options such as Backpack (Editted for ModdedNetwork), or the initial assembly of Tinker's Construct tools. Most entities can be named with a named Name Tag, while items can be renamed in a number of ways. Renaming is often used to make certain recipes pattern-compatible where more than one stack of a resource is needed with AE2 auto-crafting.

Name Remover

This GregTech singleblock machine strips NBT data, including names. This can fix broken ores and other non-stacking items which are being rejected from filters or drawers due to incompatible NBT data. In conjunction with the Tinker's Tool Station or Forge, it can rename Tinkers Tools and most other items. Despite having a ULV charging slot and a progress bar, this machine requires no power to run.

Tool Forge / Tool Station

Almost any item can be renamed with one of these two blocks by placing it in the pickaxe slot and typing the desired name into the long text box at the top. Items that already have an assigned name need to go through the Name Remover first.

Quartz Cutting Knife

Right-click with a Certus or Nether Quartz Cutting Knife to open its inventory. Enter text into the top box, then place an ingot (Tin, Copper, Bronze, Lead, Iron, Nickel and Aluminium all work) into the square slot to get an Inscriber Name Press with the assigned text. Use this in an Inscriber to apply the chosen name to infinite numbers of items.


Vanilla, Steel, Dark Steel and Thaumium Anvils will rename items at the cost of five EXP levels. Void Metal Anvils will do the same, but for three EXP levels.