Backpack (Editted for ModdedNetwork)

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Grid of backpacks in three sizes and all sixteen minecraft colours, each.
Backpacks of every color

The Backpack, Middle Backpack and Big Backpack, as well as their Workbench equivalents are portable storage containers added by Editted for ModdedNetwork (MN). Like their Forestry backpack and Adventure Backpacks counterparts, they expand the player's carrying capacity significantly. There are three tiers of backpack - standard (no prefix), Middle and Large. Each can be dyed any of the standard sixteen Minecraft colors by crafting with an Extra Utilities paintbrush and any dye.


Type Capacity Gated By
Standard 36 slots Steel
Middle 63 slots Stainless Steel
Big 90 slots Titanium
Workbench 9 slots Steel
Big Workbench 18 slots Titanium

Backpacks can be used as items, by placing them in the hotbar, selecting and right-clicking to open their inventory. A single backpack can also be worn and accessed with a hotkey, which is set in ESC > Options > Controls > Backpacks > Open Backpack (Default NONE). Once a keybind has been chosen, Shift+(Open Backpack keybind) will open an GUI with a single slot at the top and a row of filter slots. Any MN Backpack can be placed in the top slot, and thereafter opened with (Open Backpack keybind). Items placed in the filter slots will be gathered up by the worn backpack after filling any stacks the player is carrying. Shift-right-click with a backpack to rename it.

On death a worn backpack will be placed in the player's grave, and have to be reequipped once recovered.


Upgrading a backpack with contents will keep the items. The previous tier of backpack is required to craft the next, with the exception of the Big Workbench backpack which needs a normal Big Backpack as a crafting component.

The smallest backpack requires a single steel ring; finding a Steel ingot or block from Loot makes it possible to obtain this item as soon as iron tools are obtained in the Stone Age. Otherwise a Bricked Blast Furnace is required to smelt iron into steel first. The second and third tier of backpack are gated to MV for stainless steel and HV for titanium. Stainless steel can also be looted but titanium must be made.


Only four backpacks from ModdedNetwork can be carried at any time, including the worn backpack, if any. If a fifth backpack is picked up, one of the others will be dropped and a chat message will warn that only four are allowed at once. Magnets will cause a constant spam loop of dropping/picking up and chat messages until a backpack is placed in another inventory. This limit does not consider backpacks from any other mod.

MN backpacks do not store item data within themselves directly but as linked files. These files are stored in /your_instance/saves/world_name/backpacks/backpacks/. The contents are stored as NBT data in .dat and .dat_old files. Since backpack contents are stored in /world_name/ folders, NEI cannot be used to transfer their contents between worlds unless the files are also copied over manually and placed in the correct location.

  • /your_instance/config/Backpack.cfg config file for MN Backpacks.
  • /your_instance/saves/world_name/backpacks/player/ has equip information about the worn backpack.

Workbench Backpacks

GUI with a crafting grid, output slot and single row of nine slots across the bottom. Torches are being crafted in the grid and a stack of coal and sticks are in the inventory.
Workbench Backpack GUI

The Workbench Backpacks offer crafting on the go, with a significant penalty to carrying capacity. They can remember a single recipe and have nine or eighteen slots for ingredients. As Adventure Backpacks offer crafting grid functionality with no loss of slots, and the limit of four MN backpacks at once, the Workbench backpacks have little utility over their standard counterparts.