Backpack (Forestry)

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Fourteen backpack icons of various colors.
Eight backpack icons in blue, white, red and purple.
Add-on backpacks

Forestry's Backpacks, like their Backpack (Editted for ModdedNetwork) and Adventure Backpacks counterparts, expand the total number of things a player can carry at once. Unlike the others, Forestry's entry is notable for having predefined item types that go into each of its backpacks, built-in auto-pickup without any configuration necessary, and quick refill / deposit. These Backpacks are also technically the only ones available at the Stone Age, requiring leather, cotton, wood, and a variable third item depending on type. Railcraft adds three Forestry-type backpacks; Iceman's, Trackman's, and Apothecary's. Extra Bees adds one, the Thaumaturge's Backpack.


Four dark forest green backpack icons. The first has no additional decoration, the second has a dark gold padlock, the third a neon green up arrow, the fourth a yellow down arrow.
Modes - Normal, Locked, Receiving, Resupply

Any backpack can be opened by holding it and right-clicking to access its contents. Backpacks have four modes that can be cycled through by shift-right-clicking while holding the backpack. The backpack's tooltip will say what mode it's in and stack count/capacity. Backpacks will only pick up drops, not items automatically placed into the player's inventory notably items gained from Storage Drawers and Wand Focus: Equal Trade. Foresty backpacks cannot be worn/equipped.

  • Normal - anything on the backpack's list of allowed items will be picked up upon entry to the player's inventory
  • Locked - auto-pickup is disabled and items must be manually added to the backpack
  • Receiving - Quick Deposit disabled, instead collects eligible items from inventories with Shift + right-click
  • Resupply - Refills item stacks in the player's inventory and hotbar from its contents.

Quick Deposit - in any mode except Receiving, Shift + right-clicking on an inventory will dump as much of a backpack's contents as possible. This can be done with Drawer Controllers to quickly empty items into the correct drawers. In Receiving Mode, Shift + right-clicking will collect as many eligible items as possible from the inventory instead.


With the exception of Apiarist and Lepidopterist, each Forestry backpack comes in two sizes. The basic version has fifteen slots, and the upgraded versions, marked with gold buckles, have forty five. Upgrading any of the backpacks requires a Carpenter and Woven Silk, which is only made by Bees. Silky Combs can be collected from wild-caught Tropical Bees cycling in a Bee House or Apiary (beware their Poison effect) or generated with the Escritore mini-game and a Silky Comb producing bee.


Can't upgrade your backpack?

The Forestry Carpenter is picky about metadata, to the point where it won't let a previously used backpack into its ingredient slot. Pop an empty backpack into a crafting grid to refresh it and fix the problem.

Backpack Types

Each backpack only accepts specific items, as defined by /your_instance/config/forestry/backpacks.cfg

  • Apiarist
    • Capacity: 125
    • Accepts: Bees - drones, queens and princesses only.
  • Lepidopterist
    • Capacity: 125
    • Accepts: Butterflies
  • Miner
    • Capacity: 15 / 45
    • Accepts: Ores & Gems in raw ore block, crushed, nugget, or dust form, pure or impure.
    • Rejects: Blocks of gems or metals, grains, fragments.
  • Digger
    • Capacity: 15 / 45
    • Accepts: Dirt, Gravel, any Stone/Cobblestone, any Sand/Sandstone, Flint, Netherrack, Obsidian, Clay, Marble, Granite, Basalt, Andesite
    • Rejects: Hardened/Stained Clay
  • Forester
    • Capacity: 15 / 45
    • Accepts: Any Logs/Sticks/Leaves/Saplings, any Flowers/Plants, any Crops/Seeds, Sticky Resin, Sugar Canes, Nether Wart
    • Rejects: Planks, Slime, Slime Blocks, Bonemeal
  • Hunter
    • Capacity: 15 / 45
    • Accepts: any Mob Skull, Ink Sac, any Fish (cooked/raw), any Meat (cooked/raw), Arrow, Blaze Powder/Rod, Horse Armor, Eggs, Feathers, Gunpowder, Leather, Wool, Lead, Saddle, Slimeball, String, Wool, Magma Cream, Name Tag, Rotten Flesh, Bone, Ender Pearl, Spider Eye, Glistering Melon,
    • Rejects: Slime Blocks, Gelatinous Slime
  • Builder
    • Capacity: 15 / 45
    • Accepts: Candle, Anvil, any Bricks, any Glass, any Stairs, any Planks, any Slabs, any Walls, any Fences, any Metal/Gem blocks, any Lanterns, any Clay blocks, Chest, Crafting Table, Furnace, Dropper, Dispenser, Iron Bars, Pressure PLate, Ladder, Lever, any Button, any Pressure Plate, Redstone Torch, Sign, Torch, Door, Trapdoor, Redstone Lamp,
    • Rejects: Bed, Drawers, Barrels, any Bibliocraft furniture, Book, Brick (item), Chisel variants, Tinker's stations
  • Adventurer
    • Capacity: 15 / 45
    • Accepts: Nothing by default. Must edit the backpacks.cfg file to configure this backpack.
    • Not available via crafting, only from Forest Ranger Basic & Advanced Lootbags
  • Thaumaturge
    • Capacity: 15 / 45
    • Accepts: Phials, Wands, Amber, Quicksilver, Salis Mundus, Treasure Bags, Obsidian Tile/Totem, Thaumonomicon, Thaumometer, Crystal Clusters, Arcane Stone, Nitor, Alumentum, Knowledge Fragment, Gold Coin, Shards, TC blocks, Witchery ingredients, saplings, fumes, altar decorations, plants, Wood Ash and Mutandis.
    • Rejects: Warded Jars, Essences, wand parts, rings, belts, amulets, infused dusts, powders, infused stone, TC armors & weapons, Witchery weapons, machines, seeds, Glint Weed.
  • Apothecary
    • Capacity: 15 / 45
    • Accepts: All standard potions, all standard splash potions, Water Bottle, Empty Bottle
    • Rejects: Potion ingredients, Bottle o' Enchanting, Brewing Stand, Blaze Powder, Potion Flasks, Witchery Brews
  • Iceman
    • Capacity: 15 / 45
    • Accepts: Snowball, Snow, Ice, Ice Wall, Ice Stairs, Ice Slab, Snow Stairs, Snow Slab, Snow Wall (RC variants only)
    • Rejects: Packed Ice, Hardened Ice, GalaxySpace Ice blocks, Ice Can, Crushed Ice Bucket, Ice Shard, Hardened Ice, Witchery Snow blocks
    • Does not compress Snowballs into Snow Blocks in GT:NH
  • Trackman
    • Capacity: 15 / 45
    • Accepts: All rails, tracks, anchors, carts, ties, creosote containers, railway blocks, circuits and tools.