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Roguelike Dungeons (RLD) is the mod which adds procedurally generated five layer dungeons to world generation. These dungeons are marked on the surface by one of several tower or building designs, each containing a spiral staircase that leads down into the dungeon populated with custom spawners, traps and treasure. These dungeons are notable as being one of the few sources of Enchanting Tables and Brewing Stands without Thaumcraft, from very rare secret rooms.

Surface Structure

Each Roguelike Dungeon is marked on the surface by a large building, determined by the surrounding biome. The most desirable of these in the early game is the Brick House, which has a basic furnishings including a bed and is made of bricks which can be scavenged later. If setting up base inside one of these buildings, make sure to block off the spiral staircase down immediately, or expect some hostile visitors from the depths.

Dungeon Levels

A top down map showing a maze of sandstone corridors and rooms. Adjoining caves are also shown with many pools of blue water and pockets of orange lava.
Level 3 in a Sandstone Temple

Each dungeon is made up of five levels. The first two levels are basic halls and rooms themed to the top structure, the third level is a crypt or sewer (Wizard towers only), level four is an overgrown temple theme with traps and the deepest level is Nether themed. Each Roguelike Dungeon has an assigned block palette that will be used for the first three levels. Levels four and five always use a mix of cobble/stone/vines/gravel and nether brick/obsidian/soul sand/nether quartz ore, and include Silverfish blocks to discourage wall tunnelling. Dungeons also have an individual level of 'decay', which determines how intact their walls and floors are when they generate.

Every floor has a stair room that leads down to the next, themed to the level below with a piece of Glowstone in the ceiling. Descending to the next level, stair rooms are blocked off by iron bars with one to four passages out into the new dungeon floor. Overall size of the dungeon varies, with layouts usually getting larger from level 1 -> 2 -> 3, smaller for level 4, and smaller again for level 5. Due to their size, it's extremely common for RLD's to intersect Ore Generation and natural cave formations. JourneyMap is essential for navigating the maze-like halls and can sometimes reveal the presence of secret rooms or disconnected areas of the dungeon.

Mobs will often spawn with armor and weapons, especially on lower floors. RLD's also have spawners for mobs that don't appear in vanilla dungeons, such as Creepers, Endermen and Magma Cubes.

Special Rooms

Most rooms in RLD's are either empty, simply connecting two corridors, or contain a monster spawner and loot chest. Every floor will also have a few special rooms with more elaborate designs. Most special rooms only appear on specific floors. Corridors can also have special features, such as patches of crops, a loot chest, spawner, bookshelves, traps, lighting feature, or other dungeon dressing.

Room Image Notes
Bedroom A level one room accessed from a corridor, behind a wooden door. Contains a Crafting Table, Furnace, Bed, Torches, Flower Pot with random flower, and a "starter" chest with some basic supplies and a "Statistics" book about the dungeon. Can have seeds, wheat and cookies, that don't normally show up in other chests.
Cake A small level one room on level one containing a Cake and loot chest with extra food, including cookies. Notable for the four glowstone in the floor.
Creeper A small room with a floor level Creeper Spawner and two Trapped Chests. Opening either chest sets off TNT below, destroying most of the room and its contents. Mossy cobblestone and gravel make up the floors and walls. The loot chests have better than average rewards. Shows up on level three.
Crypt Making up most of the rooms on level three, a single large crypt room can also spawn on level four with multiple tombs. Spawners and loot chests may spawn behind the quartz blocks. Found on levels three and four.
Ender Found only on level four, the enderman room has an enderman spawner, checkerboard obsidian and quartz floor, and obsidian walls.
Fire A large room with four lit netherrack fires in each corner. While it might look safe, there's a dark catwalk above that can spawn mobs. Found on levels one to three.
Firework This rare room is found behind a wooden door off a corridor. It contains hoppers, dispensers and repeaters and other redstone parts that can activate a fireworks display. Found only on level one.
Lab An underground garden with carrots, Netherwart, pumpkin, melon, random tree saplings and flowers in pots, a water fountain and loot chest. This room does *not* spawn a Brewing Stand in GTNH. There are redstone blocks and redstone lamps in the floor. Found on level one or two.
Library A library is a room found on level one and two of Wizard dungeons. It holds torches, a desk with flower pot, bookshelves, and a mix of Rose Bush, Peony and Large Fern on podzol. There's a redstone lamp and redstone block in the ceiling.
Mess A large room with tables, fireplace, Furnace, Crafting Table and loot chest with food. Glowstone in the ceiling, can appear on levels one and two.
Music A large room with three rings of carpet in any of the sixteen colors. Contains a Jukebox and a loot chest with a guaranteed Music Disk (random). Shows up on level one and two.
Netherfort The Netherfortress room has four obsidian pillars in the corners, one loot chest, and a central floor of Soul Sand and Netherwart. Drips from above warn of the lava in the ceiling. Spawners are located in the pillar bases. Only found on floor five.
Obsidian This is the endgame loot room for a dungeon. Eight chests with the best possible odds at rare items are found in this room, in small recessed alcoves on each side of the path. Naturally the area is well guarded by spawners inside obsidian and the roof. Only found on floor five.
Ossuary The ossuary is a domed room lined with wall niches. Many Skeleton Skulls can be collected here, as well as the occaisonal Wither Skull. Appears on level three and four.
Pit A small room, often a dead end, found on levels three and four. The unweary stepping on the stone pressure plates will be shoved into the pit by hidden sticky pistons. Redstone dust and torches can also be scavenged behind the walls. The pit may be empty or full of water, and often provides fast access to the lowest levels.
Prison A large room with zombie and skeleton spawners in cells. Some may be fully closed off by iron bars, while others are open.
Slime Sewer themed rooms found on level three, with water and short iron railings. Often heavily covered in vines.
Smith Smithy and super smelter. Accessed by a corrdidor wooden door on level one, this room contains an anvil, cobblestone generator (water/lava source blocks), a large brick fireplace and an automated smelting setup with furnaces, chests and hoppers. Glowstone lamps in the ceiling are powered by redstone blocks.
Spawner The most common room in every dungeon. Can be a dead end or connect corridors. A spawner in the center may be spider, zombie or skeleton, with a single loot chest nearby. Found on all levels.
Spider Similar to vanilla mineshafts, this room is a Cave Spider nest with one to three chests of loot, filled with cobwebs that can make traversal difficult. Uneven floors and gravel add to the adversity. Found on levels three and four.
Stairs Every floor but the last has a spiral staircase leading to the next level. Stairs are themed to the floor below, which can make them stand out dramatically. A piece of glowstone in the ceiling lights the area, and on the minimap there will be an L shaped shadow. Block palette varies; this image is floor three leading to floor four.
Tomb A room exclusive to Temple style dungeons, found on level one. The square room is full of pillars with a quartz sarcophagus in the center. Inside is a loot chest and two spawners. Can spawn as a normal room or as a side-corridor room behind a wooden door.

Secret Rooms

There are two secret rooms in GTNH's dungeons, one has the Enchanting Table (and only seems to spawn with Wizard towers), the other is a Brewing Stand. Unlike normal rooms these special areas are not connected to the rest of the dungeon, and must be found accidentally or by inspecting JourneyMap for likely areas. The blocks covering the entrance are usually different than most of the others in the corridor, such as bookshelves, cracked bricks or cobblestone.

Room Image Notes
Enchant The Enchanting Table room may be found in Wizard RLD's, on level two. It's hidden behind a wall, either bookshelves or cobblestone, accessed by a corridor. It shows up on the minimap as a blob of purple due to the glowstone in the ceiling. Besides the main prize, there's also a chest that may contain Ender Pearls, Bottles o' Enchanting, or Enchanted Books.
BTeam The B-Team room, found on level two, is notable for having a Brewing Stand. There are also three chests inside with a special diamond shovel, baked potato and dyed leather tunic. Redstone lamps and cocoa pods are also of potential interest, but no Emerald Blocks due to the config settings for GTNH. Like all secret rooms, this one is hidden behind bookshelves or cracked blocks in a corridor. It's most easily found by looking for the distinctive lime stripe of the "B" on JourneyMap.


A compressed chest grid almost completely filled with items - weapons, tools, enchanted books, potions, ingots and other treasures.

RLD's are not the easiest source of loot drops due to the abundance of spawners, but can be helpful either in the early game by doing torch-runs (going as far as possible with nothing but some torches to light up the area) or later where the player's equipment completely outclasses the threat level. The crypt (Lv3) and nether (Lv5) tend to be the best; crypt has a plethora of spawner+chest hidden in tombs, while the nether floor always has a special treasure room with eight chests.

Typical total loot (minus some basic wooden/stone swords) from a complete Sandstone Temple dungeon raid shown to the left. Both 'generous' and 'preciousBlocks' are off by default in GTNH, so there are no easy Enchanting Table/Brewing Stand rooms out in the open, nor overpowered loot or blocks of diamond / lapis / gold / emerald.


Enchanted Books are quite variable - while it's possible to find, say, a four enchant book with level (V) enchantments, it's equally possible to find a single (I) enchant book in level five. The same applies for enchanted weapons and tools. Deeper levels increase the possible range of power, chance something will be enchanted, and increase the average quality.

Custom Potions

RLD's feature many custom potions. They are listed in italics on the table below. Some, such as Laudanum have a standard set of buff/debuffs, others have set effects but variable duration, and Vile Mixtures are completely random. They might be all harmful, all helpful, or some mix in between. Dropping these custom brews into an Adventure Backpack's liquid tank converts them to a vanilla potion type, sometimes quite different from the original.

  • Absinthe - Poison II (~20s), Night Vision II (60-120s), Jump Boost III (60-120s)
  • Laudanum - Regeneration III (10s), Weakness III (10s), Slowness III (10s), Mining Fatigue III (10s), Nausea (10s)
  • Moonshine - Instant Damage III, Blindness II (120s+), Resistance III (120s+)
  • Stout - Regeneration II (180s+), Mining Fatigue II (180s+), Health Boost III (180s+)
  • Tequila - Strength IV (90s+), Mining Fatigue II (90s+)
  • Vile Mixture - 2-3 randomly chosen buffs/debuffs, random durations for each.
Item Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5
Food Apple, Baked Potato, Bread, Cooked Chicken, Cooked Fish Apple, Baked Potato, Bread, Cooked Fish, Cooked Chicken, Purple Drink Baked Potato, Cooked Chicken, Cooked Porkchop, Holy Water, Mushroom Stew, Purple Drink, Steak Baked Potato, Cooked Chicken, Cooked Porkchop, Mushroom Stew, Purple Drink, Sausage in Bread, Steak Cooked Porkchop, Epic Bacon, Golden Apple, Golden Carrot, Mushroom Stew, Purple Drink, Rainbow Curry, Steak, Ultimate Stew
Ingots Gold, Iron Gold, Invar, Iron, Lead, Magnesium, Magnetic Iron, Nickel, Red Alloy, Silver, Tin Aluminum, Copper, Damascus Steel, Gold, Invar, Lead, Nickel, Magnesium, Manganese, Molybdenum, Red Alloy, Silver, Steel, Thaumium, Tin, Zinc Cupronickel, Cobalt, Iron, Gold, Pig Iron, Magnetic Iron, Manganese, Magnesium, Red Alloy, Steel, Tin, Wrought Iron, Zinc Antimony, Cupronickel, Gold, Invar, Iron, Lead, Red Alloy, Silver, Steel, Thaumium, Tin, Wrought Iron
Tools Wood, Stone, Iron Wood, Stone, Iron Stone, Iron, Gold, Diamond Iron, Gold, Diamond Diamond
Sword Wood, Stone, Iron Wood, Stone, Iron Wood, Stone, Iron Stone, Gold, Iron, Diamond Gold, Iron, Diamond, Thaumium
Potions Absinthe, Fire Resistance, Harming, Instant Damage, Laudanum, Regeneration, Slowness Fire Resistance, Instant Health, Laudanum, Regeneration, Slowness, Speed, Strength, Weakness Absinthe, Laudanum, Harming, Healing, Slowness, Stout, Strength, Speed, Tequila, Weakness Laudanum, Vile Mixture Vile Mixture
Enchanted Book (I) (I) & (II) (I) & (II)
Up to two enchants
(I),(II) & (III)
Up to three enchants
(I),(II),(III),(IV) & (V)
Up to four enchants
Armor Leather Leather, Iron, Chain Leather, Iron, Chain, Gold, Diamond Leather, Iron, Gold Iron, Diamond
Rare Drops Diamond Basic Turret Base Crank, Common Treasure, Ghast Tear, Knowledge Note, Music Disc, Neodymium Dust, Red Garnet, Sapphire, Steel Sword, Yellow Garnet Broken Relic of Mjolnir, Chrome Dust, Diamond, Emerald, Ghast Tear, Glowstone Dust, Green Sapphire, Iron Horse Armor, Knowledge Note, Mundane Belt, Music Disk, Neodymium Dust, Red Garnet, Saddle, Sapphire, Yellow Garnet Average Lengthening Catalyst, Basic Turret Crank, Broken Reilic of Mjolnir, Diamond, Emerald, Knowledge Note, Name Tag, Neodymium Dust, Steel Sword, Turret Base (Tier 1) Apprentice Ring of {primal}, Blaze Powder, Bucket, Cinderpearl, Chrome Dust, Diamond, Emerald, Floppy Disk, Ghast Tear, Glowstone Dust, Gold Horse Armor, Music Disk, Rare Treasure, Saddle, Sapphire, Standard Binding Agent, The One Ring, Turret Base (Tier 1)
Filler Book, Bone, Cobblestone, Flint, Gold Nugget, Ink Sac, Paper, Rotten Flesh, Slimeball, Snowball, Spider Eye, Stick, String, Torch Book, Bone, Coal, Flint, Gold Nugget, Paper, Rotten Flesh, Slimeball, Spider Eye, Stick, Stone, String, Torch Book, Bone, Bow, Clay, Coal, Feather, Flint, Gold Nugget, Ink Sac, Paper, Redstone Dust, Rotten Flesh, Slimeball, Snowball, Spider Eye, Stick, Stone, Stone Bricks, String, Torch, Wheat Arrow, Bone, Clay, Coal, Cobblestone, Feather, Flint, Glass Bottle, Gold Nugget, Paper, Redstone Dust, Rotten Flesh, Slimeball, Snowball, Spider Eye, Stick, Stone, Stone Bricks, Stone Slab, String, Torch Bone, Clay, Flint, Glass Bottle, Gold Nugget, Gunpowder, Ink Sac, Paper, Rotten Flesh, Slimeball, Snowball, Spider Eye, Stick, Stone, String, Torch

Non-Chest Loot

In addition to a plethora of Zombie, Skeleton and Spider spawners, dungeons also contain rare Creeper and Enderman spawners which can be relocated with a diamond Dolly, if secured, for a power-free mob farm.

Item Level Notes
Bed 0-1 Beds can appear in special rooms, and in the brick house variant surface structure.
Bookshelves 2 Some dungeons may have bookshelves in hallway alcoves. Secret rooms are typically hidden behind bookshelves as well.
Coal Block 5 Scattered in the floor and walls of level five.
Dispenser 4 These are used as part of traps on the fourth level, along with stone pressure plates and redstone dust.
Flower Pot 0-2 Found in the second floor of the Brick House, or the garden special room.
Glowstone 1 Some special rooms can have glowstone or redstone lamps in the ceiling, and the sandstone temple variant commonly features glass panels with glowstone above and below in level one corridors.
Hopper 1-2 Hoppers are part of the fireworks and smithy special rooms.
Iron Bars All The spiral staircases are typically blocked off with iron bars, and they may also be found in many rooms as decoration.
Iron Doors 2-5 Iron Doors lead to small rooms, empty or with a pressure plate on top of a spawner.
Lapis Block 0 The exterior of Sandstone temple structures has a single lapis block over the entrance.
Mob Skulls 1-4 Skeleton and Wither Skeleton skulls can be found in most dungeons, either rarely in small alcoves in the corridors or in larger special rooms.
Mossy Blocks 4 The fourth level block palette is always includes mossy cobblestone and mossy brick. Watch out for silverfish!
Mycelium 4 Level four may have small patches of mycelium with red or brown mushrooms.
Nether Brick 5 Level five is made mostly out of Nether Brick, one of the few natural sources outside the Nether.
Nether Quartz Ore 5 Vanilla Nether Quartz Ore is found on level five, as part of the basic block palette.
Netherrack 1-5 Some corridors or rooms can have fires behind iron bars, which are burning on Netherrack.
Netherwart 5 Level five has netherwart "farm" rooms with soul sand, and netherwart patches can appear in hallways.
Obsidian 4-5 The Enderman spawner room on level four has a checkerboard floor and ceiling made of obsidian. Obsidian also features in level five's basic block palette.
Piston 2-3 Three sticky pistons are part of the pitfall trap special room.
Quartz 1,3,5 Quartz can be found in level one's special tomb room in sandstone temples, holding a chest and two spawners. In level three it blocks off burial crypts.
Redstone Block 5 Scattered in the floor and walls of level five. Single blocks also power redstone lamps in special rooms like the garden and smithy.
Redstone Lamp 1 Found in corridors, with a lever, four pieces of redstone dust and two redstone torches.
Stone Pressure Plates 2-4 Can be found behind Iron Doors or as part of traps on level four.
Wooden Doors 1 Special feature rooms are sometimes closed off with a wooden door.

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