Sampsa's Excellent Flowcharts

From GT New Horizons

Sampsa has graciously shared with us his Most Excellent Flowcharts made via Excel. These flowcharts can help players visualize the machines they will need for a process.


This Template is used as the basis of the flowcharts below. It includes the color coding used for machines.

When reading these charts, make sure you pay attention to the input vs output blocks. Output blocks can send their outputs either left or right.

Template picture
Template picture

Example machines

Picture of all the machines

Creating the flowcharts using Excel

Sample charts (as of GTNH

Obviously, these flowcharts only show one pathway to creating the target. Make sure you search NEI for the best available pathway at your tier, and pay attention when it could change.


This Glass process uses Autocrafters because it is steam-level tech. If you want to use pure GT machines, use a sifter and mixer instead.

Glass processing


Vanilla pistons in GTNH are a remarkably difficult item to make.

Piston processing

Framed Drawers

Who doesn't want a system to produce custom framed drawers just waiting for your preferred texture?

Framed Drawers

Electronic Circuits

An automated system for electronic circuits can save a lot of headaches in early game.

Electronic Circuits


Polyethylene plastic from renewable sources. If you are using oil instead, you can get Ethylene from cracking Naphtha.

Polyethylene processing

Solar Panels

Solar Panels