Slime Boots

From GT New Horizons
An icon depicting a pair of bright lime green boots.

Slime Boots are footwear added by Tinker's Construct. Like Piston Boots they fully negate all fall damage but do not have its step assist nor jump boost mobility buffs. When falling from a height greater than two blocks the Slime Boots will cause the wearer to bounce. This effect can be suppressed by holding down Sneak (default Shift). They pair well with the Hang Glider and/or Slimesling, making either much less dangerous to the player's health. The Congealed Blue Slime needed to craft these boots requires finding a Slime Island or otherwise acquiring a Slimy Sapling.

While they cannot be enchanted directly, Slime Boots can be combined with enchanted books on an Anvil to apply boot-compatible options such as Unbreaking, Unstable, Blast Protection, Fire Protection, Projectile Protection, Protection, Feather Falling, Haste, Thorns, Last Stand, Soulbound and Flim Flam. They have one hundred durability by base. Prior to version 2.5.0 these boots were uncraftable due to speed exploits that could cause a server crash.