Solar Boiler

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Solar Boilers are a Steam Age source of Power Generation that turns water into steam with sunlight. There are two variants, the Simple Solar Boiler and High Pressure Solar Boiler which has three times the output of the former. Both require silver to craft, which makes them difficult to source before having access to the Twilight Forest at LV. Small Silver Ores can be found everywhere in the Overworld, and are affected by Fortune when collected.


Like other boilers, solars must be provided with a constant source of water and will explode if water is added when they are already heated and dry. Solars also calcify after many hours of operation, reducing their efficiency. Breaking with a wrench and replacing resets them back to full capacity. Providing distilled water prevents calcification but is impractical without an HV Distillation Tower. Solars also need access to the sky - water blocks their function, but glass and other transparent blocks will not. Non-solid blocks like wires and pipes can also be run over the top of Solar Boilers without impacting their functionality.

Solar Boilers can be placed directly adjacent to a Water Tank which will automatically fill the boiler's buffer as long as it has water to give. Water can be delivered on any side, including the top. The bottom face is recommended for water delivery as steam cannot be output to a solar boiler's bottom or top. Steam can be extracted from any single side, the active output is marked by a large dark grey square which can be relocated with a Wrench right-click. Take care when piping steam and water not to mix the two. Steam will leak from and eventually destroy wooden fluid pipes, while mixing fluids will cause a blockage.

Boilers must fill up approximately 20% of their red heat gauge (far right column) before any steam will be made; this is normal. While exposed to the sun heat will slowly build up and the flame icon will fill with color like a furnace. A solar boiler will cool down when night falls or its top face is blocked by a solid obstruction. If a Solar Boiler completely fills its steam reservoir (left column), it will void 33% of the contents harmlessly and make a hissing noise. The In/Out slots on the left of the GUI allow water to be manually loaded.

Boiler Tank Max Steam Max EU Consumes Notes
Simple Solar Boiler 16,000L 120 L/s 3 EU/t 0.8L/s Output can fall to zero from calcification.
High Pressure Solar Boiler 32,000L 360 L/s 9 EU/t 2.4L/s Output cannot fall below 120L/s from calcification.