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GTNH: Dark Oak Tree Farm using "Crop"

Greg Tech New Horizons uses IndustrialCraft 2 crop item which is for farming.

I use it for tree farms.

I have an area surrounded by cobblestone, and use gravel to divide parts of the farm I intend to expand to, but have not yet expanded to.

Occasionally, some of the dark oak trees will get infected with "weed" and does not produce properly.

The page before did not touch on this issue, and I have no understanding of how a weed can get into the process considering I have cut off all grass from reaching the farm land.

Can anyone assist me in understanding how to fix this without doing something tedious like adding weed-ex or having to constantly tend the farm when other tasks are needing tending?

Temporary solution,

I did similar to the crop checkerboard, but instead of alternating heights, I made cobblestone checkerboard with crops on ~1/2 of the grid, and cobblestone block on other--as I figured it was less efficient to be falling in holes all the time than to have a larger surface area.

Weeds are caused by empty cropsticks, not grass. Either a tree bonsai died from poor environment (unlikely for this case) weed spread from high Growth (unlikely for this case) or got ran over/trampled by a player or mob (likely). This information is already on the wiki, at IC2 Crops#Dangers and IC2_Crops#Weeds. If you have further questions please come join us on the #help channel in Discord. Embri (talk) 23:47, 23 December 2023 (UTC)