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Suggestions for Additions to the Re-balance Loot Pool

Just some thoughts. These selections have been made with the following criteria in mind:

  1. should not break progression for the pack
  2. should be annoying or difficult to craft or acquire
  3. should be useful in multiples


  • Storage Drawer Upgrades
    • Void, Status Upgrade (II), Storage Upgrade (IV)
  • JABBA Barrel Upgrades
    • void, storage upgrade, low-to-mid-tier structural upgrades
  • Ender IO Conduit
    • Advanced Item Filter, Big Item Filter, Big Advanced Item Filter, Existing Item Filter, Item Conduit Speed Upgrades
  • Extra Utilities Transfer Node
    • Speed Upgrade, Item Filter, World Interaction Upgrade, Stack Upgrade

Iron Chest Upgrades

    • Iron to Gold, Diamond to Obsidian, Gold to Diamond, Diamond to Crystal
  • Quintuple Plates, iron/tin/copper/gold/etc.
    • These were actually kind of nice to get, and a nice little passive lesson in looking up something in NEI, figuring out how to recycle it back into dust or ingots.
    • In a similar vein, consider offering players some resources that are locked behind tier progress, such as Combs that need HCl processing. This is a great way to prompt investigation with NEI and won't give out stuff earlier than it should be had.
  • Lavender
    • Without the Lavender Fields biome this flower is extremely hard to get if the player doesn't know that they can spread random flowers with bees. Would be a fine chest1 item.
  • Lilypads
    • Useful for covering water sources in early farms or making a path across water. Not easily renewable. Chest1.
  • More Potin pipe options
    • Large and Huge? Again, nice to have but unlikely to break the bank.
  • Jaded Ladder
    • Just a better trapdoor. chest1.
  • Empty Cells
    • Who doesn't need more of these? Or even make them Universal Cells, so players can exercise their knowledge of turning them back into Empty Cells.
  • Phials
    • Thaumcraft goes through so many phials, and they're useless until you get into TC. Nitor and Alumite might work too as low level rewards. Village tower chests can already have them as loot.
  • Concrete, maybe even some of the new concrete colors
    • Faster paths are always appreciated, and players are more likely to adopt a decorative block if they get to see what it looks like for free.
  • Chicken Trophy
    • Useful for making the Flight Potion, and can already be (theoretically) gotten in unlimited amounts at Stone Age just by breeding and slaughtering Chickens endlessly. chest3 or chest4?
  • Witchery
    • Custom Brew - Several variants of the Shifting Seasons brew that create new biomes. This would be good for players who's base is in a poor humidity biome for water tanks, or low environment ratings for IC2 crops, or who need a specific biome for a jubilant bee / mutation.
      • TODO: figure out exactly which biomes would be best to offer, and what area of effect size.
    • Other custom brews? Good way to show players "Hey there's this cool thing you can get if you go down this side-progression."
    • Witchery potion ingredients
      • TODO: exactly which ones?
    • Botania ingredients
      • Someone who knows Botania better would have to figure out what, if any, can be offered that won't break any progression but would be useful to players starting/using Botania.
  • Pressure Plates
    • Good Chest1 option. Both Stone Pressure Plate and Wooden Pressure plate have utility and crafting potential, plus are annoying to make.

Drop: Auto-Chisel & Forestry Carpenter / Centrifuge - multiple aren't useful. While it's not inherently a bad item, it's disappointing to get more than once. Maybe consider offering some of their crafting components instead.

Swap: Lemon Sapling for Coconut Sapling - Coconut needed for Healing Axe quest, making it more desirable.


  • Soul Frame, Proven Frame - both early game options, they aren't worthy of being in the most valuable category. These should be tier 2 or 3.

The OV Scanner: This definitely should be cut from the pool, for the "not useful in multiples" reason. However I would love to see it offered as a Quest Reward sometime in late LV when the player has their first MV machine(s) which are needed to charge it. The Scanner takes EV circuits to craft which is ridiculous, and it's utility falls off extremely hard once Prospector's Scanners aren't painful to make anymore. During that inbetween period it's actually kind of fun and a nice companion to the Ore Finder Wand. Similar thing for the Cropnalyzer - it would be nice to see it moved to a one-off quest reward. Embri (talk) 08:01, 4 June 2023 (UTC)