Thaumic Restorer

From GT New Horizons
A hollow purple-tinted glass cube with an elbow pipe leading to a jar of blue fluid with a pickaxe and shovel label. A brown rectangular plate floats inside the cube.
Thaumic Restorer repairing an Enchanted Plate

Thaumic Restorer is a machine from Thaumic Tinkerer that repairs most items using Instrumentum liquid essentia. Each point of Instrumentum used equals eight points of durability. Items without standard durability cannot be inserted into the Restorer, nor does it affect charge. Certain classes of items are also banned, including all Tinker's Construct and GregTech tools.


To function the Thaumic Restorer must have Instrumentum (and only Instrumentum) liquid essentia piped into the side with the square aperture. It has suction and will draw essentia as needed to repair any item placed inside with right-click or via automation. Fully repaired items remain in the Restorer until right-clicked again or removed by other means. Wearing Goggles of Revealing or any of its variants will show how much damage remains to be repaired as a number floating above the item with a Perditio symbol. The simplest setup requires one warded jar and one Essentia Tube. Esssentia tubes will only connect to the top of warded jars so the jar must be placed below the level of the Restorer.

Instrumentum essentia can be obtained in bulk by destroying flint, long stone rods or most GT metal bolts in an Alchemical Furnace with Arcane Alembics. Due to its straight 1:8 conversion of essentia into durability, the Restorer is most effective on high value items with few uses. Common targets are Enchanted Plates for the Bibliocraft Printing Press, Oblivion & Mutagenic Frames for Bees, Field Kit (makes paper), and Potion Flasks (Flight). Any damage of seven or less will consume one Instrumentum, the excess simply lost.

Status Items
Allowed Enchanted Plate, Field Kit, Mana in a Bottle, Frames (for bees), Potion Flask (Flight), most tools/weapons/armor
Banned GregTech tools/weapons/items, Tinker's Construct tools/weapons/items, Diamond Dolly, Mana Tablets, TC Wands,
Does not Affect EU & RF charge (Armor, Tools, Weapons, batteries, etc.) Tanks/Cells (fluids, gasses), Vis, Mana


Insertion into the Restorer can be automated with a hopper or any other Item Logistics. Extraction requires filtering for undamaged items, such as an Advanced Item Filter for EnderIO Conduit. If insertion/extraction is run into the same inventory, both ends need to be filtered to prevent undamaged items from being inserted back into the Thaumic Restorer - it will happily take anything that it can repair, needed or not. Hooking up an Ender Chest with matching Ender Pouch allows for repairs-on-the-go, as long as the Thaumic Restorer is chunkloaded and kept supplied with Instrumentum essentia.